This common point with another member of the royal family…

You know, Prince Harry enjoyed his youth quite well if we may say so. In fact, he has been known to be the big party animal. He loved the nightlife and big parties. Moreover, this taste is transmitted in the family. It was also inherited by another family member. We’ll tell you who it is!

Prince Harry, a reputation as a party animal before he had responsibilities!

When he was younger, Prince Harry was called a night owl, Couche-Tard, or even the big party animal! But that was before! Before he met Megan, he became a married and family man. As well as before leaving the royal family. Megxit has caused quite a stir among our British neighbours. Since then, the pair have been criticized like never before, and Prince Harry only returned twice last year to England. The problem is that by leaving the royal family, he also gave up his advantages and privileges. In fact, he no longer had the right to police protection like all members of the royal family. So, while Queen Elizabeth just celebrated her 95th birthday, has Prince Harry been able to visit his grandmother?

In any case, his life has changed a lot compared to his youth. In fact, Prince Harry was a big fan of raucous parties and took advantage of them. Moreover, even too much since Meghan Markle’s husband was on the cover of all the English newspapers for a while. During these crazy nights, he made some gaffes that didn’t escape the paparazzi. For example, the English found out that their Prince Harry was completely naked in a swimming pool in Las Vegas, in 2012. But there was much worse. This was also shown with a swastika in 2005. Thus, this reputation as a party animal haunted him for many years. Today, he has calmed down and has other responsibilities. But, he took over as another member of the British royal family, according to information from My London !

Prince Harry is not the only party-loving king!

This is 26-year-old Cassius Taylor. This is the son of art dealer Lady Helen Taylor, who is the daughter of Prince Edward and thus the granddaughter of King George V and like young Prince Harry, loves to party. The young man even found his vocation in the night world, because he is a DJ. This affection for the turntables, the young man owes to his father, Timothy Taylor. A well-known figure in the art world in London. On the account Instagram By Cassius Taylor You can see him partying behind his turntables and with his friends. A guy similar to Prince Harry?

A career that seems to be going well

Cassius Taylor was educated at the Goldsmiths. It is one of the most innovative universities in London. As soon as he graduated in 2019, the young man took his first steps in working life. He found an internship in organizing events in the artistic field. Then, after this first experience, he found his first job which he still holds today as a Digital Marketing Manager at TagMix. On his profile LinkedInThis is the description he wrote: “After spending many hours at events, and watching the evolution of music throughout my career, I have honed my taste buds to reflect what I believe people want to see and hear.” In any case, one thing is for sure, the British royals have a festive spirit and enjoy the evening fun!

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