‘There are almost no regulations’

Thee 1Verse In April 2021, “Cash Investigation” revealed how alcoholics play Evin’s Law on social networks. In light of this impunity and shady practices of powerful industry groups on Facebook, Snapchat or even TikTok, it’s scary to imagine what they would be capable of in a virtual world.

Currently, we are struggling to stop the flow of illegal ads on these networks, but what will happen tomorrow in alternate virtual worlds like the metaverse? Sometimes a real future, much closer than we can imagine, which requires urgent legislation.

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We all know that these social networks are the preferred terrain for youngsters, especially minors. Most of them were born with it, or when they were created, so they don’t even remember the world without it. The Covid-19 virus has only highlighted this phenomenon: We, the younger generations on the frontline, have all watched our freedom fly away as our society closed in on itself during confinement.

Metaverse, Connected System

So in the face of an increasingly stressful reality, the allure of networks, screens, and, finally, the virtual world has increased. Of course, the idea of ​​metaverse is not new. It was first conceptualized in the 1990s by Neil Stephenson’s famous book, virtual samurai (Robert Lafont, 1996), then through various video games such as second life where Sims.

However, the most recent development of the concept that caught our attention is the development of Mark Zuckerberg at the end of 2021, when the Facebook group became the Meta. The company then announced that it was focusing on the metaverse, a form of parallel universe that combines virtual and augmented reality, which has been heralded as the future of the internet and thus… our society. And we all know that Mark Zuckerberg has reasons for his ambitions.

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By definition, the metaverse is presented as a connected system outside the physical world that everyone can access through 3D interactions. In this completely digital world, users will have the opportunity to meet, play, travel together or even party. A golden opportunity for lobbyists, including the alcohol industry, to constantly look for new ways to patronize their products, even if it means breaking the law.

Alcohol brands linked to Metaverse

Moreover, since there is still almost no regulation that comes to frame the metaverse – how is it actually legislated on a concept that is essentially unrealistic? Without waiting for regulations to catch up, many alcohol brands have already embraced the concept.

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