The novelty that will allow you to get more SEO growth

Keyword research is often a tedious and time-consuming step…

Using classic SEO tools can lead to several problems:

  • The Difficulty choosing keywords most relevant to allow his site to attract more visibility and customers,
  • The Unreliability To define the research objective behind each suggested keyword, See if the content centered from Google who is he Type of information or transaction
  • The waste of time to sort many iterations Suggested keywords (eg auto insurance, auto insurance) or to filter the keywords my site is already placed on.

To save your valuable time and increase traffic and sales on your site, Semji has developed a file lonliness Content Ideas.

This allows you to quickly find new content ideas and create semantic cocoons in a sector where you want to gain market share.

Discover all the features of this new module as well as all the benefits you can get from it for your content marketing strategy.

Who is the Content Ideas Unit for?

This new module is for all professionals responsible for content production, content management and SEO writers, as well as marketing experts such as marketing and SEO managers, e-merchants, etc.

The Three Advantages of Content Ideas Unit

To gain more clarity and increase the number of transactions

an interest Content Ideas Unit is to help you greatly improve the performance (visibility and transactions) of your pages thanks to the development of Semantic cocoons.

Semantic cocoon is the practice of linking website pages related to the same topic, from the most general (often transactional) page to pages placed on long-tailed (often informational) keywords.

Advantages of the semantic cocoon:

  • push transaction pages with long-tail content;
  • Improve your site’s visibility in Google by making it appear as the most relevant to the selected topic.

Let’s say you work, for example, at a third-party equipment e-commerce site and your goal is to drive the sale of sleeping bags to potential customers.

What would our recommendation be here? In order to enhance the transaction pages (categories and product pages), we can advise you to build a semantic cocoon on the topic of “sleeping bag”.

Let’s see what unity offers us.

From this general query, the Content Ideas module provides several data related to your strategy:

  • Suggest related words : Get hundreds of ideas to produce new content, hit entry points and position yourself on a wide range of orders. In addition to suggesting keywords directly related to your topic, the module also offers related keyword suggestions, which broaden your search by suggesting, for example, synonyms: quilt, two-seater quilt, bivouac, sleeping bag, sheet, camping bag, etc. ;
  • Content placed first on demand: Save time by identifying the opponent to win instantly. On each request, the module automatically displays the most efficient content;
  • Estimated monthly visits to competing content: Evaluate the potential traffic to be recovered by estimating the number of visitors per month for each content (Semrush data);
  • The volume generated by the keyword : Again, the module sends the Semrush data back to the query’s search volume. This allows you to gauge your audience’s interest in this request;
  • keyword seasonality : Certain keywords lead to more traffic at certain times of the year. Rely on this data to deliver your content in a timely manner and above all to build your acquisition strategy;
  • Possible placement of your on-demand content: Evaluate the visibility of your pages in the queries proposed by the unit and save time on choosing the content to be re-modified;
  • keyword difficulty : Evaluate the required effort immediately thanks to this data. In fact, the more difficult the keyword, the greater the need to produce high-quality content that is well interwoven between them and invest in promoting the latter.

To summarize, from a general topic or keyword, you can:

  • Identifying ideas for editorial content to produce that can bring you new sources of traffic;
  • Quickly assess how quickly your site appears on a topic from the existing content or not. You immediately select the content to be improved;
  • Create semantic cocoons with a few clicks to be the most relevant to the target topic and push transaction pages;
  • Identification of lost transaction pages and thus new sources of conversion to increase your site turnover;
  • Start production quickly by adding new content to your editing schedule with a single click in Semji.

Thanks to the production of this fresh content and semantic cocoons, you are guaranteed to be a part of the most relevant site, thus boosting both your SEO and your site turnover.

Do you want to test this unit? Enjoy a free trial on Semji.

to win time

Even with traditional SEO tools, choosing keywords related to a topic can take time: sorting out duplicates, identifying competitors, checking each keyword’s search intent, searching for pages on your site already placed on suggested terms, etc.

The Content Ideas module allows, first of all, to clearly define the research intents behind each keyword.

Why is this important? This allows you to see exactly what types of content are being placed on Google but also to determine if some transaction pages are missing on your e-commerce site.

The unit distinguishes:

editorial content : You can visualize the editorial content to be created to be the most relevant to a topic, you can design semantic cocoons with just a few clicks.

For example, “The best sleeping bag”, “How to maintain a sleeping bag”, etc.

Transactional content : Finds which transaction pages you are missing and increases your sales volume.

For example, “baby sleeping bag”, “extra cold sleeping bag”, “ultra light sleeping bag”, etc.

The Semji module also allows you to see what content on your site stands out from suggested keywords, regardless of their location. So you can instantly see what requests your teams have worked on and know what content you want to reopen or create.

Finally, the module automatically removes duplicates, any similar queries (for example, a professional sleeping bag and a professional sleeping bag), which also allows you to reduce the time you spend searching for keywords.

Stay ahead of the competition

Are you in the first place on keyword strategy for your business? Encourage ! Don’t give up on your efforts. In fact, to maintain your position and be a leader in your market, you will have to approach the topic as a whole and put yourself in it.

How do ? By dealing with all topics and by regularly feeding your editorial schedule with new content. This will allow you to double your entry sources and thus get more traffic and SEO market share.

So Unity allows you to maintain this lead by offering you additional pages on your strategic topic.

For example, your site is placed first on a “sleeping bag”. Take advantage of this feature and add content to your informational or long-tail transactional keywords, such as “What is a sleeping bag for a Mont Blanc tour?” , “How to fold a sleeping bag”, “Sleeping bag with built-in pillow”, “Girl’s sleeping bag”, etc.

A unit that combines algorithms and artificial intelligence

For one keyword, the module allows you to visualize thousands of data extracted from hundreds of pages. In order to obtain this information, the unit Content Ideas It depends on several sources:

  • Semji algorithms, which extracts all information from Google results pages;
  • artificial intelligence Which helps categorize pages into three categories: Articles (informational content), Shopping (transactional content), and Miscellaneous (FAQ, home page, forum, etc.);
  • smrash For keyword research, page traffic volumes, trends and keyword difficulties.

Each content displayed is the content that is placed first on the keyword related to your topic.

Unit Content Ideas is currently available in beta.

For those who don’t know Semji yet and want to test the solution, take advantage of the free trial on our platform.

Article written in collaboration with Semji

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