Simple 5-step text writing formula for writing an email that sells

Do you want to increase sales? Do you want every time you send an email to potential customers to open it, read it, and click your call to action? Then you have come to the right place…

Learn how to sell and persuade with words, and discover our copywriting training.

If you are attentive enough, you have noticed that many companies use email marketing every day. Personally, I see a lot of companies using email marketing to promote their service and products.

In fact, as important as email is, it works great when used well..

These companies also use e-mail to keep in touch with their subscribers: to prospect, send special offers, invite to webinars and trade fairs. They use it to promote their white papers and other free content. They also use email sequences to move leads into the sales stage.

I could go on with other examples of how companies use email in their business, but that’s not the topic of this article.

Most importantly, to increase the effectiveness of your email, you need to pair it with writing ads.

What is copywriting?

It is simply the use of words in an attempt to persuade the person to take an action or act according to your goal. So it is a powerful technology for companies that want to double their sales on the web.

I recently spoke with a client who wanted me to help him design his content. During the exchange, I noticed how he was going through a nightmare at work. His email open rates were very low. I was very disappointed with the results obtained. I told myself that if he had a hard time producing engaging content, other people might be in that situation, too. In fact, compelling content is the key to a profitable online business today.

So yes to the effectiveness of content marketing + the power of copywriting, and no more brutal and intrusive marketing techniques.

That is why I decided to tell you about the copywriting technique in this article.

As your business manager, freelance copywriter, or employee, you will be required to write several emails.

my goal ? It gives you an easy-to-use text writing format that will come in handy when writing your following emails. If you’re writing one to promote a new white paper or service, this proven formula will do the trick. It also works with emails that directly encourage the purchase of a product such as those that offer an innovative solution.

Publishing Forms

I have to admit, I love using text writing formats just because they provide a solid foundation that guides text writing. It helps to write faster and ensures that the most important elements are covered.

However, using these copywriting formats should not stifle your creativity. You can always try new things and be innovative. But when you use copywriting formula, you are more likely to include all the essential elements in your content.

Here is my copywriting formula for writing effective promotional emails.

  • Prospect;
  • location ;
  • supply;
  • to prove
  • Pay.

Allow me to review each of its ingredients. Next, I’ll show you an example email in this style.

1. Lead

Always start your email with the reader’s problem, challenges, needs, and desires. This introduction can be just one sentence or an entire paragraph. You are wide-sighted.

2. Attitude

Then offer the product or content you’re promoting as a solution to your prospect’s problems, needs, or wants.

Thus, in this step, you will pass on your product as a solution to the difficulties your subscribers face on a daily basis. This part could be a paragraph or two in your email.

3. Progress

In this section, you simply provide all the details the reader needs to make their decision. In an effective email, the action should usually be to click on the download link or landing page with more information.

Be careful though. You should not give any unnecessary details to the reader at this point in the sales process. Remember that this is just a bait email. So you have to keep it short and provide only the basic information the reader needs to make a decision and move on to the next step.

4. Proof

Add something to the email to prove that what you say is true, such as a certificate.

If you don’t have one, there are many other ways to build credibility: a survey, studying numbers, expert opinion…

5. Pay

To perfect your email, you should include a call to action, a phrase that tells potential customers what to do. There is nothing more suicidal than writing an email without including a call to action. This is the element that makes the difference between a successful email and a mediocre email that readers ignore. As calls to action, we can have:

  • Click here to learn more about the white paper;
  • Register for the webinar or for more information;
  • Download your copy now.

do you see ? By stating a call to action, the reader is encouraged to take action.

At first glance, this formula seems pretty simple and basic, right? But know that its strength is proven to be effective. If you use this copywriting formula to write your next email, you will have very compelling content.

See this formula in action

Now, let’s look at an example of an email I designed that follows this structure. This is an email designed to generate leads for an association that represents sales professionals.

They offer a free technical document called The Nine Timeless Principles of Sales Success. The email should be sent to subscribers, most of whom are sales professionals, and therefore should be motivated to download this white paper.

Here is the mail:

Dear Frederick,

He’s frustrated. There are a lot of tips, tactics, and strategies related to sales. How will you separate the hype talk from the real things, and answer the most important question of all, which one really works?

The answer is in our new white paper The Nine Timeless Principles of Sales Success.

The technologies that operate in professional selling today are based on timeless principles that have served for over a century. The principles you will find are detailed in this white paper.

We’ve also included skill-building exercises, helpful checklists, and dozens of ideas for you and your team to implement the right way.

Consists of 11 pages. The Nine Timeless Principles of Sales Success It is done in a quick read. You’ll even be able to print copies for your sales team.

Dr Laurent Bouteau, who is conducting research on sales effectiveness at the University of Caen, said: “This guide clearly explains the basic strategies every salesperson must use on a daily basis to be successful.”

These nine principles are so powerful and so seamlessly integrated into your buying behavior that missing just one sales call will give your competitors a huge advantage. So I invite you to click here and order your copy today.

Best regards,

Steve Wantong

Marketing and Sales Manager, Association of Sales Professionals

Note: When downloading the white paper, check out the three-step prospecting strategy on page 7. It’s a goldmine. »

Watch how this fancy email follows the 5-step scripting formula? So the next time you’re writing a promotional email for your business or a client, use this formula. You will write an effective and profitable email. You will reach your goal more easily. And let’s face it, following a formula makes writing easier and faster too. is not it ?

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