Quebec’s tourism industry prepares for summer


The Staff Recruitment Campaign, a campaign to promote trade and digital marketing training tailored to tourism companies, is taking place in Quebec in two major tourism sectors.

First, there’s the Greater Montreal Hotel Association, which launched a massive staff recruitment drive a month ago that will run through June 4.

Under the slogan ” Working in the hotel industry means enjoying an abundance of benefits! This campaign is also one of the promotional campaigns for careers in the hotel industry. The association wishes, in this way, to support and encourage the economic recovery of the city and its hotel industry.

Hands-on with Genevieve Burnie

One component of this campaign is a broadcast of video interviews hosted by Genevieve Bourne covering five of the many careers in the hotel industry, from finance manager to chef, including marketing, human resources, and services to clients.

Hospitality changes lives

This campaign goes above and beyond to deliver the message that the hotel industry is changing people’s lives. The association asserts that “hospitality can be a lifestyle choice and offers exciting career opportunities, both for job seekers and students choosing a career.”

According to the association’s CEO, Jean-Sebastien Baudault, “The hotel industry offers a range of possibilities and functions, each hotel being a microcosm of society in itself and longevity on schedule. You can leave your luggage there for as long as it is possible to grow up in a hotel, and start As a bellboy or as a waiter, for example, and live up to your ambitions.”

“We must never forget that the hotel industry is the backbone of tourism. If an area has no tourism, it will have no hotels and vice versa. Without a hotel, it is difficult to develop a tourist offer.”

Training for tourism companies

Moreover, last week we learned that the Alliance de l’industrie Touristique du Québec, in collaboration with the Syndicate Network, is introducing a new brand master class. It is an integrated training designed for tourism companies and aims to improve their digital visibility, presence and performance.

This training has been developed by and for industry and is being delivered by Frédéric Gonzalo, a digital marketing consultant recognized as a reference in the field in Quebec.

A lever to better adapt to the new reality of tourism

This training aims to better understand the needs and expectations of travelers, target new customers, increase business sales, and help generate more social and economic benefits for communities and the various regions of Quebec.

This course in a nutshell:

– It costs $149

– Online training of eight courses conducted at the time of your choice and at your own pace

– How to create high-quality digital content, develop innovative promotional campaigns, and discover best practices for managing online reputation

– Provide personalized coaching after training to consolidate the achievements and concretely apply them to the needs of the company

– Register on the alliance web page.

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