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One Click – Unsubscribe protects the reputation of bulk email senders and prevents unintended unsubscribe.

Do you have a cat? Then you definitely have a scratch job. And most likely, you bought it online. Your cat is happy, your designer furniture will remain scratch-free, and since then your inbox has been overflowing with information about the scratch posts you receive through our newsletter every day. At some point, when you’ve learned enough about scratching posts, you’ll want to unsubscribe from the newsletter. But you will find that unsubscribing to the newsletter is not as easy as buying a scratch post online…

Annoyed by the complicated unsubscribe procedure with complex forms and encrypted captcha, you send the newsletter to spam. Problem solved. But would you, after this experience, recommend this same online store to scratch posts to your friends?

What will end well for you, your chat and your mailbox will have dire consequences for Internet Service Providers (ISPs): spam filters are “trained” to filter newsletters as spam. These emails will take up unnecessarily extra memory space and customers will not be happy. All of this also has consequences for email service providers and online sites, which will lose their good reputation and possibly their customers as well.

Solution: One Click – Unsubscribe, One Click Unsubscribe

One Click – Unsubscribe, the recipient can unsubscribe to the newsletter with just one click. This procedure has already been active for 20 years. The opt-out list defined by RFC (Request for Comment) 2369 can be a file mail to or one https . link. Due to filters, improper configuration, network issues, or human influence, opt-out emails sometimes end up in digital nirvana. Anti-spam software checks https links for malicious content and it may happen that the recipient has been unsubscribed by mistake. The new RFC 8085 solves this problem.

RFC 8085 solves the problem of accidental unsubscribe by anti-spam software and makes it easier for the recipient to unsubscribe, avoiding sending newsletters to the spam box. Your cat will be fine, you will be happy and may recommend the online store to your friends, ISPs and email service providers will maintain their good reputation, and customers will be loyal.

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), a whitelisting joint project of the German E-Commerce Association Eco and the German Dialog Marketing Association (Verband der Internetwirtschafft and Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband) plans to include the One-Click -Unsubscribe procedure in its acceptance criteria. Therefore, email senders undertake to use this procedure when sending newsletters.

Tobias Herkula, email expert and committed to developing RFC 8058 says: “Thanks to this new standard, mass mailers can easily protect their reputation, avoid disappointed customers and prevent their newsletters from reaching the spam box.”

To learn more about one-click opt-out and RFC 8058, visit:

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One-Click experts will attend the CSA 2018 conference which will be held in Frankfurt from April 18-20.

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