Montpellier’s DigiApp prospecting for you

Alexandre Bathélémy, 31, founder of the start-up DigiApp (supported by take over the incubator), shifts into high gear. His Lead Camp robots are in full swing and represent an automated BtoB prospecting system that meets the needs of businesses.

After a time in the group April, Alexandre Barthélémy initially founded a national insurance brokerage company in Montpellier. The good results made it possible to develop and then launch an automated digital solution for B2B prospecting, which is now marketed under the brand guide bearing.

A real need for VSEs and SMBs

Prospecting is the longing of the trade war for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. But this is all the more true in the “business to business” area, especially when it comes to launching a new service for other companies. Hence the idea of ​​Alexandre Barthélémy, CEO of guide bearingto create dedicated software and offer it to its customers. Thanks to an email system and a large database, the software is best aimed at companies willing to pay for their customers’ services or products. This software will ramp up gradually to reach its cruising speed.

Fine techniques to stimulate growth

guide bearing provides growing companies with consulting, coaching and BtoB services ROI through the use of its 100% automated prospecting system and fine growth hacking techniques. Services therefore include BtoB Growth Hacking, BtoB Cold Emailing Expert, Growth Strategy and Marketing Automation.

Develop your visibility

When a company has enough regularity and visibility and fully automates its commercial prospecting, that is precisely where it becomes scalable. ‘ the leader explains. Joël Charrin from the CIDEES company, who has become a user of the software, testifies: ” I started alongside Lead Camp in October 2018. After making some adjustments to the solution, I was already able to place orders. For me, the Lead Camp System is an interesting pre-marketing tool that can be used to gain notoriety. »

Beautiful views

Alexandre Barthélémy, CEO of DigiAppexpects a development throughout France, but also in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, with a project to create a subsidiary of guide bearing in Florida in the United States in early 2020, for which he is seeking a bilingual director. His company, originally founded with the support of Robert Lafont and Entreprendre incubateur, is now supported by BPI France for all his French and foreign projects as well as the Credit company Marseille. What beautiful clothes.


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