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Affiliate Tutorial

This tutorial of about twenty articles is devoted to one of the most important channels for gaining traffic, affiliation.

The principle of operation of the affiliation but also techniques and tips for making the best use of this prospecting crane will of course be presented.

As we shall see through the various lessons presented, Affiliation is essential today for many e-commerce merchants.

Affiliate is also an excellent resource to grow your online business and increase your sales if you are currently using only natural references and sponsored links.

Given the importance of the market, it is often advised to take care of the dependency before attacking other factors, smaller or more expensive, such as mobile marketing.

Who is this affiliate course for?

As you will see, this affiliate tutorial is a real online course targeting both advertisers and affiliates.

The goal is to explain what membership is as clearly as possible and how you can benefit from it..

The advertiser will be able to find specific tips there for moving his program and the costs inherent in that system.

Affiliates will be able to better understand the downside of belonging and what solutions are best suited to their goals.

After reading this tutorial, you will be able to quietly launch your first affiliate program or discover sound tips to improve it.

If you are not an e-merchant but a publisher on the website, you may discover an excellent alternative to Google Adsense and thus a new way to monetize your websites.

About the authors

Passionate about the Internet since 1996 and specializing in e-marketing since 2001, Jan Kervarek has been responsible for agency traffic generation, Traffic Manager within the PPR Group, and most recently, Director of Support Programs for EuraTechnologies.

Aureline Bardon portal editor, Aureline Bardon He is an expert in traffic generation. Having worked in agencies and with advertisers, for small businesses and large accounts, in 2009 he founded search engine optimization agency ASEOX.

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