Master digital communication and marketing thanks to specialized training from Comundi

With the advent of digital technology, all professions and sectors have changed. It is now at the heart of the strategies of any company that wants to increase its visibility, expand its audience on multiple channels and increase its sales volume. To achieve these goals, professionals must handle all gears.

To help them acquire new skills, Comundi, a Professional Training Specialist for 35 years, teamed up with Université Paris Dauphine-PSL in 2010 to co-build and accredit ‘Digital Marketing and Communications’. It lasts 10 days, is CPF-eligible and is updated every year.

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In addition to being registered in the Specific Guide to Proficiency in France (paper RS5598), the certificate obtained at the end of the course (subject to passing assessments) qualifies you to obtain an equivalency of 3 taught modules from the Master Marketing & Strategy from Paris Dauphine University (file RNCP 34551) For use in the context of Validation of Experience (VAE). These 3 ECTS are: Digital Advertising, Social Media and Online Reputation, and Digital Editorial Strategy.

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Develop multiple skills

This course provides an overview of the latest technologies and digital uses. The idea is to understand how to build an effective online strategy and business plan, coordinate and successfully launch digital projects, brief and challenge digital agencies and experts in France and abroad, and measure and improve the efficiency of their digital devices. Several professionals have already attended this training such as Anne-Sophie Blanchard Chautard, Communications Project Manager. “This course is very interesting and a must for any communications and marketing manager. We can clearly see the challenge of digital transformation,” she testifies.

The online and face-to-face course ‘Digital Marketing and Communications’ allows participants to understand new digital opportunities and learn about disciplines such as user experience design and user experience, brand content, social media or data marketing. The training covers all the digital levers that are useful to businesses today.

It is led by industry professionals such as Bruno Vallet, Global Head of Data Intelligence at Christian Dior Couture, Pierre Bezulon, Head of Digital Strategy Agency Linkingbrand or Mélanie Hossler, Communications and Social Media Consultant and founder of Mioche Studio, which specializes in creating social media. Different and complementary profiles that will share their expertise and experience.

The training is divided into six thematic units

This training course is divided into six modules, allowing you to learn best practices for creating a good business plan. First, participants will explore digital marketing and communications as a whole. They will learn how to build a distinctive and effective digital marketing and communications strategy. They will also become familiar with performance management and new ways of organizing and working.

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The second module deals with customer/user experience (CX/UX). It aims to teach professionals how to design high-performance user-focused websites. This is particularly useful for providing the experience the target expects and improving the performance of their site. To provide them with a global overview, editorial content management, in particular SEO writing, is also studied.

With Lesson Three, participants will deepen the social media landscape and influence strategies. They will be able to understand how these platforms work and decide a strategy to listen and then speak out on social media. As the pandemic has highlighted the importance of crisis management, they will also have the opportunity to learn more about it.

The fourth module deals with paid media in order to master acquisition tools in the brand’s digital ecosystem. Pascal Mallotti will train them in tools sometimes seen as complex such as affiliation, search marketing, marketing automation, or even a software ecosystem.

Module 5 helps participants better understand marketing in the age of data. Bruno Valette will explain data collection, analysis, multi-channel engagement, and performance measurement. Finally, the final part of the course consists of applying the knowledge gained during the various modules.

The Comundi ‘Marketing and Digital Communication’ course allows professionals to gain a global view of new digital challenges and update their skills. To participate, there are 2 prerequisites: to have a Bac + 5 or bac + 2 with 5 years of experience, and to have a current or future project related to marketing or digital communications.

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