Innovative concept for agencies

Communication agencies and web professionals are increasingly offering a 360-degree experience. They support their customers on all of their communications, including email marketing.

Routing platforms are increasingly adapting to this market by offering a white label SaaS solution. Find out what this feature brings to agencies and how to choose your primary naming scheme.
Email marketing is now going through a turning point in its development. Putting it back on the path toward a more effective model with an overhaul of relationship marketing has become an end in itself: the right offer to the right customer or lead, at the right time and through the right channel. If marketers and advertisers do not react, this situation will not improve.
In light of this observation, using a professional platform is now essential for any company that wants to take advantage of the benefits of email marketing without tarnishing their brand image. Another major advantage of the professional platform lies in the fact that some service providers offer to use their solutions as a white flag. This is a very useful feature for communication or web development agencies that want to provide an additional service to their clients. The company providing the solution offers technical service, maintenance, upgrades and a direct relationship with the agency.
This method is very useful as it allows agencies to increase their income by reselling this solution in their name to their clients. Thus, communication and/or web agencies are the intermediary actors between the end customers and the company providing the email marketing platform.
Choosing the right email marketing platform is an essential and essential step in your communication strategy. From one supplier to another, the services can vary completely. Here are some important criteria that you should include in your selection to give you an objective and clear opinion about the platform you will choose.

price transparency

It is important for the future service provider to have a transparent position regarding pricing for routing and related services. The spreads here generally appear when we talk about routing (ie routing emails) or campaign management. In fact, the online marketing expert will be able to manage the campaign himself and you will only have to pay for the routing service.
If possible, the price will be higher if the campaign management is supported by the supplier. If you want to get the most out of email marketing without necessarily having technical knowledge, it is recommended to use this type of service: the results will be more relevant.

Review and advice

Collecting the information provided by the audit allows for a careful analysis of the existing rules in order to prepare an email marketing strategy that fits the company. In order to flatten your communication strategy and (re)start on solid grounding, it seems interesting that your supplier can offer you this kind of service before committing to email campaigns.
It is also important for your service provider to be able to support and guide you throughout the course of sending your campaigns. This can include, among other things, the graphic design of your campaign or templates. These services, which are billed in addition to directing your campaign, will be more useful to you if you are participating in this communication channel for the first time. It’s really interesting for a company that has never done an email campaign to boost their business performance by doing an audit. This method makes it possible to analyze, prepare or complete a tailored strategy regarding the use of email marketing. This also allows startup support thanks to various recommendations.

Customer service

It is important that Customer Service (also called a “hotline”) is there to support and advise you effectively on the technical use of the Platform.
You should not be charged for this service and your preferred contact should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by email and during business hours by phone. It is not uncommon to have to change contacts 2-3 times a year: this is not necessarily a guarantee of quality.


It is important to judge the email platform based on the deliverability of the campaign. To do this, you should ask your service provider whether the IP addresses they give you are assigned or not. In fact, the more mail you’ll send, the higher the filtering risk.
A dedicated IP will allow you to better manage your reputation if the amount of mail is greater than 50,000 mail per month. It pushes you to take responsibility for your reputation and control its quality. A dedicated IP address is an essential element in the certificate context that allows whitelisting with some email box providers such as Yahoo! or or Comcast.

The white label that makes a big difference

As we saw in the preamble, some companies allow customization of their platform: you can combine your logo and colors, customize your domain name but also manage access accounts if you are using it by multiple collaborators. Thus, the interface you use perfectly adapts to your image, and each of your clients has a customized, secure and tight environment with its own database and configuration. The white label is still a rare feature that few offer routers Email Marketing. A major asset for agencies and web professionals, and a fundamental evolution of the email platforms available in SaaS.

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