Increase your sales through affiliation

Saying that we are going to create a website or blog that will allow us to earn money or notoriety may seem obvious but given the number of sites being created every day, it is important first to attract visitors who will lead other visitors to connect to your site because it is the center of attention. The concept of affiliation was created in 1996 in the United States. The objective of applying this technique is to develop sales. It also makes it possible to produce prospects and “leads” thanks to a network of sites called affiliates. But affiliation is not a channel that can be accessed by any company. Its success also depends on the type of products or services offered. explanations.

Affiliation, kesako?

An affiliation consists of a company (affiliate or advertiser), more often the affiliation platform is entrusted with the task of promoting its offer in accordance with the terms of a specific commercial offer (affiliation program). Affiliate platforms unite a very large number of third-party websites (affiliates), which you choose to transfer the affiliate program. Pay based on results, which reduces risk.

There are several methods, know that they can be combined with each other. It includes, among others:

  • CPA or purchase cost,
  • CPL or cost per lead (sales contact),
  • CPC or CPC.

How is affiliation created?

The easiest way is to connect with affiliate platforms that already have several affiliate sites in their catalog. You can also do this live but it will require a lot of development work.

After choosing your platform, you should create a program that is likely to attract attention, which will allow you to convince affiliate marketers to transfer your campaigns. He should :

  • Offer proposal that attracts Internet users. Especially when it comes to price reduction and promotion,
  • It has strong enough creative elements to encourage buying,
  • Offer sufficiently attractive and motivating bonuses to affiliates.

Advertisements come in several forms: email, banners, buttons, contests, product search forms, or commercial links that lead to the advertiser’s site.

Affiliate campaign for what purpose?

First of all, it is about setting the goals of the advertiser. Depending on whether he wants to increase his sales, develop his traffic or gain prospects, the strategy to adopt will be different. Affiliate programs can, in fact, take several forms, with specific methods of rewarding.

  • If the goal is to increase the number of sales, a CPA campaign is recommended. It will compensate the sale of the product to the Internet user who has gone through the affiliate website. The CPA campaign is the slogan of performance marketing. The affiliate determines from the beginning, with the advice of the affiliate platform, the amount of commission he is willing to refund to affiliates that have redirected Internet users who have made a purchase. Thus it controls purchase costs.
  • If the goal is to increase the number of “leads”, the CPL campaign is a flexible and tailored campaign that is very popular in category B to B. The advertiser rewards affiliates who referred Internet users who completed a form (for example) on the seller’s site. Thus he can know his potential goals, their needs, and when those prospects plan to materialize their approach.
  • If the goal is to increase the number of visitors to the site, then it is better to do a CPC campaign that rewards the contribution of traffic, very weakly for each unique visitor, without taking into account in this case the subsequent transformation. The main advantages of affiliation are its strength and economic model. It makes it possible to count on tens of thousands of affiliates, giving preference, according to needs, to those who are in touch with a particular goal. In addition, the pay-for-performance system makes it possible to control their acquisition budget, since e-merchant affiliates are rewarded in proportion to the sales they make.

Be an affiliate, not a branch!

Ally has the advantage of being able, by affiliation, to generate income thanks to their blog or website. To get more chances to join, it is essential that the site is well reviewed and that traffic is important. The more visits, the higher the chances of sales and, accordingly, the higher the commissions. For advertisers who want to make their offering known, the affiliate system is a good economic model, fast and efficient. Even if the conversion to sales rarely reaches more than 1%, affiliate marketing remains a powerful and risk-free marketing tool.

Some examples of affiliate sites

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