How do you use video in your digital marketing strategy?

Videos are increasingly present in marketing strategies. Written content and images are no longer sufficient to best attract potential customers. According to recent statistics, 76% of companies Those who incorporated videos into their digital strategies increased their sales.

According to Adweek, more than 60% of these structures plan to increase their investment in video design. However, the correct compilation of these media is essential for successful digital marketing. Here are some tips for Improve your digital strategy Thanks for the video content!

Define marketing goals and control your goal

Adopting a successful marketing strategy requires starting with defining the objectives and studying the target audience. Designing a corporate video for marketing is no exception to this rule.

You have to work on the expected results and the goal to be reached before thinking about the content and messages of the video. You can aim at a variety of targets when you want Incorporating videos into your digital marketing strategy. These include in particular:

  • Gain new horizons.
  • display the company’s products or services;
  • Explain how to use the product;
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • provide certain testimonials from clients;
  • Unified message sharing.

The Performance indicators It is equally important for measuring progress and achieving goals. They make it possible to know if the set goals have been achieved. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager allow you to do thisVideo Impact Rating. In particular, they provide information about the number of views, interactions, shares and click-through rate.

Correctly defining and mastering your goal is essential to the success of any digital marketing strategy. It is also important to realize Avatar for its target As part of the video design. To this end, we can determine his character and expectations in relation to the show and his preferred channel of communication.

The message to be conveyed and the correct visuals

Videos that should incorporate a digital marketing strategy should convey accurate and relevant messages. Setting the goal and purpose in advance makes it easy to find the right message. It is important to highlight customer need With the perfect presentation of the proposed solution.

Internet users should have an answer to their problem after watching the video. It is necessary, even necessary, to play on emotion Customer. This feeling is one of the keys to taking action. The feelings you want to evoke should be clearly reflected in the letter.

Choosing the right visuals and formats results in high-quality videos. First it is necessary Video style and type The approved are aligned with the objective and objective of the marketing strategy. There are five main styles of videos:

  • advertisements;
  • Explainer videos
  • certificates;
  • Product Video
  • Videos with social content.

Each type of video has specific characteristics and formats. Then you have to be very creative In order to differentiate itself from the competition. You should give a special touch that allows Internet users to get to know your business easily.

Adopt appropriate distribution channels

There are many channels to distribute videos for digital marketing strategies. The Choose the appropriate channel It should be done according to the objectives and especially the target audience. The most popular options are websites, social media, YouTube platform, and email accounts.

YouTube and social media are essential in this group of channels that must be adopted to develop their marketing on the web thanks to video. They make it easy to touch Tens of millions of Internet users in a few days. You still need to adopt SEO and optimization techniques on these channels.

Optimizing videos takes into account many parameters. Sticking to the broadcast format is very important. You need landscape format on YouTube. Instagram uses square and uses vertical Snapchat.

Compilation duration is also a parameter ofCompany video optimization. It should not exceed two minutes so as not to lose the user’s attention. Here are some practical tips for making good use of video in your digital marketing strategies.

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