How do you prove your purchase guarantee?

Farewell many French are not ready for it. Because it is so closely related to the in-store receipt, many consumers may soon feel sad. Because this receipt allows them to. Check prices and promotions, After going out, and also serves as a support for Legal guarantee of conformity. The latter actually protects the customer from all manufacturing defects during the purchase or delivery of the product. What can replace it then? Elphège TIGNEL, Director of Communications at France’s European Consumer Center, broke up in the next ban action.

Elphège Tignel, Director of Communications, European Consumer Center, France.The receipt will always be there. On the other side, It will not be systematically printed no later than January 1, 2023. However, a paper ticket will still be possible at the express request of the customer, in accordance with Article 49 – Law No. 2020-105 of February 10, 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy.

A decree setting out the terms of application is currently under discussion.

However, the law does not provide for anything concrete to compensate for paper receipt We do not know yet what the text of the decree. Amendments to the law in 2019 only mentioned the need to “work with relevant actors on alternative solutions to paper tickets that are more respectful of the environment” (see Waste Control and Circular Economy (No. 2274) Amendment No. CD1417 (Right)).

Practically speaking, a paper ticket would definitely be so Replace it with a non-monetary ticket. Many brands already offer it. But is email really a “more green workaround”?

ADEME, the Environmental Transformation Agency, reports that sending an email produces 10 grams of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of producing a plastic bag.

End of Receipt: How to Claim the Warranty?

planet. Small and large household appliances, high-tech products … How will consumers verify their purchases and claim warranty in the event of failure, defect or malfunction?

Elphege Tignel. If consumers do not ask for a paper receipt or can not find E-ticket in their mailbox, they will have to collect other evidence (bank statement, etc.) up to the testimony of the person who was present during the purchase. They can also ask the merchant for an invoice (a different concept from a receipt).

planet. What are the consequences of a non-physical ticket on the personal data of consumers?

Elphege Tignel. To receive a non-physical ticket, The consumer must fill in his email address. Thus, the professional will have access to a lot of personal information about his customers: what they bought using this email address, the purchase rate, the products purchased, as well as their interest in promotions, special offers. Receive other business contacts.

Remember that GDPR prohibits professionals from using the personal data of their clients without their consent. Thus money changers should in principle ask customers, when registering the email address to send the receipt, whether they also agree to receive other business communications afterwards.

End of receipt: advantages and disadvantages

planet. What benefits will professionals and consumers derive from a non-monetary ticket?

Elphege Tignel. For digitally savvy consumers, A non-physical ticket can be practical because storage is easy. This requires, however, that he be strict in storing his email inbox and in preserving his digital documents. For other consumers, the end of paper tickets will increase digital break.

For professionals, a non-physical ticket will allow them to enhance their communication with their customers, to improve their knowledge of buyers if they agree to receive further business communications. that it A portal for targeted digital marketing.

planet. What precautions should consumers take?

Elphege Tignel. If the consumer accepts an electronic receipt, He will have to check whether he received it before leaving the store, not inadvertently delete it, and not accept other business communications (advertisement, offers, promotions, newsletter, etc.) from the merchant if he does not wish to.

planet. What are the solutions for people who don’t have an email address or smartphone?

Elphege Tignel. These people will always have to remember to request a paper receipt. So why not consider forcing merchants to display a message on the boxes like “You can request the receipt”?

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