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Local digital marketing is the best way to get a company to valuable prospects. Through various ways, Effilocal helps brand and franchise networks reach new local customers.

Attracting customers to points of sale and contributing to the development of brands turnover, this is the goal of Effilocal. Since 2015, this local marketing agency has been supporting franchises and brand networks to design and implement digital solutions to improve online visibility and references for point of sale.

Today, 46% of searches on Google are local. Thus, brand and franchise networks are now realizing the importance of developing digitally to ensure the sustainability of their businesses. Effilocal develops its strategy with a personalized approach and several solutions aimed at improving the access and effectiveness of traffic generation devices.

Drive-to-store strategy for retail networks

Who has never reviewed online restaurant reviews or seen bakery opening hours? This is exactly the benefit of the Google Business Profile cards that appear to the right of the search results and inform the Internet user about the point of sale information. They have become a medium in their own right. Then the importance of local digital references takes on its full meaning and the visitor can quickly become a potential customer. Once these papers are created and fully referenced, it is a matter of connecting them to the business plan of the business. Like a digital catalog, the goal is to highlight the products and news that the brand offers.

Effilocal also supports businesses in local digital advertising campaigns via Facebook, Google or Waze in particular. “We have a lot of levers at our disposal that allow us to attract audiences and generate flow,” explains Olivier Haas, the agency’s founding director. “For example, this year we are introducing a new offer based on local influence. It is a matter of identifying which influencers are in the local area of ​​the point of sale and who can promote an offer.”

According to a survey by IPSOS, 70% of digital companies see an opportunity. Putting local digital marketing at the heart of local business strategies is imperative to boosting their performance. The goal is to make their online presence tangible and accessible in order to occupy the best positions and increase their visibility.

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