Europe creates rights for consumers, and the European Consumer Center helps them exercise them

To meet the environmental and digital challenges of the future, Europe intends to go further. to exercise their rights, The French and Germans can count on the European Consumer Center (CEC). This binational center Free to inform and help them. For nearly 30 years, he has been a role model in Franco-German cooperation.

Europe protects consumers from tomorrow’s challenges

To achieve digital transformation, Europe helps consumers meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Europe in particular is going through The maximum speed for organizing the Internet. Over the past two months, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have reached agreement on two key texts (AMD And DSA) related to digital markets and services respectively. They attack, among other things, the digital giants (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) and must allow:

  • from Better control of what we see online : Avoid personalized content in your news feed, suggested videos or targeted ads for example;
  • fromBe more clear in the know How our data can be monetized;
  • from More easy to report contentor illegal goods or services.

In order for consumers to play a role in environmental transformation, Europe wants to obligate professionals to provide information about the durability and repairability of their products. and banning green washing or “greenwashing”, a practice already considered misleading in France, but not yet harmonized at the European level.

CEC helped over 46,000 consumers in 2021

Owning rights is better, and exercising them is better! This is a creed European Consumer Center (CEC). For nearly 30 years, the association, with European services (European consumer centers France and Germany, contact points, etc.) Informs, advises and assists consumersto assert their rights.

In 2021, more than 46,000 consumers, who had a question about their rights or a dispute with a professional located in another EU country, contacted the ECC.

Due to its location in Strasbourg border / Kieland its experience, CEC also plays a role Observer role In a Franco-German region, a real laboratory for the daily application of European law.

Inability to travel due to Covid-19, delivery delays, hidden costs when ordering online, warranty not applicable, meter tampering of a car purchased across the Rhine… So many controversies that the CEC was able to resolve amicably in 2021.

CEC in 2021 is also Covid-19 digital tool to facilitate border crossingAnd two podcastsAnd Preventive measures on the impact of marketing Or even dropshipping. In 2022, he will focus in particular on dark patterns, a topic that Europe also intends to frame soon and will be able to draw on the expertise of the CEC.

Find the CEC 2021 Annual Report at and its video summary

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