Employee email, an environmental alternative to email

Emails are essential to our community. It is the company’s first communication medium. With the health crisis and remote work, the situation is even more so today. However, company emails and especially emails consume a lot of energy. So, what is the preferred procedure for making your email takeover campaigns effective, while minimizing harmful effects on the environment? Find our tips below.

Take advantage of employee emails instead of sending emails systematically

The email generates about 10 grams of Co2/year and with an attachment we go for 20 grams of Co2. There is a real environmental opportunity to improve the communication space provided by basic daily emails, those sent by employees. How do ? Using employee email signatures. A study recently showed that each employee in a company of 100 sends an average of 30 emails per day, and receives an average of 50. The company’s self-promotion and communication on your news using a clickable banner allows you to double the communication space via email.
It is as visible as it is poignant because it is carried by the company’s best ambassadors, the employees. In addition, posted communications can be targeted according to the employee’s job.
There are tools to automate the deployment of employee email signatures from a single workstation.

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The right things to do to reduce your email carbon footprint

Quite simply, we can reduce over-storage and overproduction of emails and communicate effectively! Here are some rules to reduce your company’s carbon footprint:
πŸ™ Keep received emails for a maximum of 15 days. Storage, not sending, is what makes emails energy-intensive. Or sort your mailbox every week and delete unnecessary messages.

πŸ™ Use the collaborator’s emails to distribute your news, thus the frequency of sending your emails.

πŸ™ Avoid very heavy attachments (more than 2MB). Prefer a clickable link or use an email signature to direct to other content via the signature buttons or the email banner.

πŸ™ Disable sending notifications in your mailbox, those of social networks for example.

πŸ‘‰ Best: Use a collaborator’s email signature to distribute clickable content that redirects to a landing page instead of including an attachment or distributing emails.

The effectiveness of marketing actions is thus doubled with a simple email signature. Each email one of your employees sends will be accompanied by a professional email signature that contributes to your branding and carry a second message that complements the employee’s message.

You now have the complete way to use email responsibly and give great visibility to your communications.

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