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What are the main lines of corporate marketing strategies? A recent study by Mention, a French specialist in online monitoring, analyzes the market and researches preferred practices, between tools and communication channels.

Signal Report It is based on a panel of more than 850 marketing managers worldwide, from companies with 2 to 1,000 employees, who were surveyed last March. Not surprisingly, brand awareness is a primary goal of the majority of marketing strategies (57.5%), according to the responses of managers and CMOs surveyed to brand reputation (39.8%), increase sales (38%), improve audience engagement (36%) and attract More potential customers (35%). In this regard, to assess the performance of their external communications and marketing plans, companies scrutinize key indicators: their website traffic (48%), the reach of their social networks (47%) and their engagement rate (41%). ) or the conversion rate of their site (40%).

To implement these strategies, 67% of marketing managers prefer organic content on networks, and therefore free. Before paid advertising content (55%), content marketing (45%), organic search results and SEO/SEO (44%). Press contacts (21%) and influencer marketing (22%) are less in demand. Among the main challenges facing marketing teams, continuous learning of practices (43%), internal communication (38%) and attracting talent (38%) were cited as priorities.

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Facebook and Instagram always on top

It has been confirmed, a large part of marketing today is played on social networks. And 80% of companies use between 2 and 6 different accounts. Facebook remains the most used network (72%), ahead of Instagram (66%), YouTube (51%), Twitter (47%) and LinkedIn (42%). Surprising results, given Facebook’s apparent low momentum versus Instagram or LinkedIn. Marketing managers still seem to have the reaction to using a Facebook account despite the network losing speed. For BtoB activities, 45% of companies prioritize LinkedIn, ahead of Facebook (40%) and Instagram (24%). Conversely, Facebook remains a priority for BtoC approaches (40%), ahead of Instagram (39%) and YouTube (22%).

Another interesting indicator, not the least important: the impact of the pandemic on marketing strategies. For the managers surveyed, the pandemic often increased investment in new marketing channels (41%) or increased overall marketing budget (40%). While over-investment in channels already in use (28%) and budget reduction (27%) were less common. For marketers and managers, the economic situation sometimes changed the business model (29%) or the target audience (24%).

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