Best Email Management Software for Marketing and Sales

The 10 inbox management tools are too heavy a load, so let’s move on to software dedicated to managing email campaigns and improving customer service.


Platform: web

Courier Service: n / a

Interface language: Available in six languages

Sendinblue is a platform for managing contacts at all stages of the customer journey.

It offers various marketing and sales tools, such as a CRM system, marketing automation, retail and email marketing. You can also create more targeted landing pages for your campaign and even create and launch Facebook ad campaigns. Sendinblue helps with A/B testing, visualize your communications with email heatmaps, and provide real-time performance reports.


Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Email service: not available

Interface language: Available in five languages

MailChimp is a buying power for marketers, bringing together a variety of tools for managing campaigns and leads, creating marketing emails, and evaluating analytics.

From custom domains and integrated marketing tools, through content creation and information gathering, MailChimp can take your small business from start to finish. Plus, MailChimp offers around-the-clock support and over 250 app integrations, so you rarely need to compromise on the software you’re using.

swear by

Platform: web

Email service: Office 365, Gmail

Interface language: English

Yesware is a sales toolkit that runs on Outlook and Gmail that promises to save time in your workflow and help you generate more leads.

The toolkit consists of email tracker, prospecting campaign customization, easy-to-use meeting scheduling, follow-up message templates, and Salesforce and LinkedIn integrations. And based on all your work, you can get information through it
Various reports.

NetHunt CRM

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Email service: Gmail

Interface language: English, Spanish, Russian

NetHunt CRM integrates with Gmail to help you grow your business, whether you are a sole proprietorship or a large corporation.

Provides features to automate workflow and improve customer service. NetHunt allows you to organize your customer base in the way that suits you, build pipelines and launch email campaigns, as well as integrate other tools (Google Workspace, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, etc.). And like any good CRM software, it provides reports.


Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Email service: Gmail

Interface language: English

Winter is an app for teams that use Gmail as a customer service center or help desk.

It allows you to manage customer inquiries, automate workflows, assign emails as tasks, and more. Winter basically lets you turn emails into actionable tasks, and while you can do that in the task manager, it takes the extra step. Also, you don’t need to search for a matching email. You can also get reports based on all customer interactions.


Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Courier Service: n / a

Interface language: English

Nutshell is a CRM and collaboration tool for marketing and sales teams of all sizes.

It allows you to automate your sales workflow, manage your sales pipeline, maintain a list of contacts, and helps you provide the best possible customer support. The app also provides performance reports to measure the results of your team’s efforts.


Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Email service: Gmail

Languages: English, French, English, French

Gmelius is a simple way to turn your team’s Gmail inboxes into a collaboration hub.

Lots of communication with potential clients and customers happens via email, and Gmelius helps you monitor everything related to it: projects, pipelines, and customer service. You can build a workflow with essential applications without leaving your Gmail inbox. Gmelius integrates with Google Workspace, Slack, Trello, and Zapier automation apps.

the sales

Platform: web

Email service: Gmail, Outlook

Interface language: English

As the name suggests, SalesHandy is a tool for sales professionals or teams.

It automates and monitors email delivery with features like email tracking, email campaign customization, email templates, scheduling, and automatic follow-up messages. SalesHandy can also be used by bloggers, real estate agents, HR professionals, and many more freelance professionals looking to create campaigns and maintain a list of contacts.


Platform: web

Email service: Most email service providers

Languages: English English

SMTP2GO is an email delivery tool that allows you to send and track emails.

Ensures that outgoing emails reach the recipients in one way or another. The program will alert you if something goes wrong, provide you with reports, and make sure you don’t hit a blacklist or spam folder.
Key Takeaways About Email Management Software

Email management software can make or break your marketing strategy, depending on the platform you choose and how it fits into the business you’re running and the ecommerce CRM you’re using. To simplify things further, here are the main conclusions of our article:

Les campagnes d'emailing ont de loin le meilleur retour sur investissement.
Chaque plateforme est différente, choisissez donc ce qui convient le mieux à votre entreprise.
Vous devez explorer les fonctionnalités du logiciel avant de prendre une décision.
Choisissez l'une des options les plus populaires et les plus fiables.

Have you ever had a choice? If not, let’s go back to all the mentioned email management software.


Email marketing delivers great results, and with the right email management software for your business, you can be more effective in achieving them. These tools include email clients that help you manage internal and business correspondence, organize your inbox, and integrate essential tools. It also includes software that simplifies email cleaning and protects your data.

Of course, email management tools also include marketing software that allows you to run seamless email campaigns and manage email communications with potential clients and customers, as well as analyze the results of all your efforts.

When it comes to business email communications, try Mailbird. You will have enough time to test all its features for free.

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