Bertrand Laurios sails into the waters of data marketing, a success story

CNIL decided. Google Analytics is not GDPR compliant. Enough to excite millions of users of this site’s audience analysis service. no Bertrand Laurios. president decouple look there epiphenomenon,” adding that his data marketing group “is used to being regulated by the GDPR.”

In jeans and a white shirt, this 700-employee manager is starting to consider responsible use of data, “not to sell more products, but to help change society.” It must be said that the management of personal information is the cornerstone of the activities of the family business founded by his father-in-law, Philip Vigneronfifty years ago, under the name France Abonnements.

Early interest in communication

Since then, this mid-sized company, listed on Euronext and formerly called ADLPerformance, has diversified into marketing and digital strategies. “Our work consists in helping organizations, from identifying potential customers to retaining their customers,” sums up Bertrand Laurioz, president of this group for three years, which has grown its sales to 165 million. by 18% in 2021 which has subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal and China. Among them: Reech, Grand-Mercredi, Evidence, Pschhh …

However, nothing has predetermined this artistic techie, who went through Telecom Paris, to digital marketing. This 54-year-old engineer who, as a child, was, “ Disassembled phones”, practicing for three decades in the telecom field. First in the cable networks in Suez, then within the export subsidiaries of Orange, in Alcatel-Lucent France where he was General Manager of Services and finally in the operator Hub One.

A group of various businessmen

In 2019, the death of his brother-in-law, Jean-Marie Vigneron, diverted his course. And Bertrand Laurioz heads the “Family Business”, of which he was already a director. In the face of accelerating change in business needs, the new president has changed his strategy and company name. ADL is performing poorly and acquisitions are going fine.

“Since 2020, we have acquired six companies whose founders have remained,” identifies the director, who intends to build a “multi-entrepreneur group.” However, he won’t say a word about his future projects, content to slip that he “remains open to acquisitions”.

sailor bretton model

“Bertrand is the archetype of a Breton sailor while he keeps his feet on the ground: he knows how to move from vision to operations,” said Xavier Gandelot, former Cdiscount president who became director of Dékuple. And praise for his ability to drive “in bad weather as well as in a health crisis.”

Bertrand Lauriose calls himself “a beginner and diligent man … a good sulfur.” Born in Saint-Brieuc, the son of doctors, the third of five children, he left the Côtes d’Armor to join the Lakes. Despite being a Parisian for 30 years, the former Marine Scout captain retains “strong roots in Brittany” where his flair for sailing was born, and is one of his sources of stress relief along with running and Michelle’s best seller. Hoelbeck or Philip Roth…

Between two stays in Armorica, this Catholic, a member of the Entrepreneurs and Christian Leaders Movement and in the Family Business Network, intends to keep Dékuple on the path of a ‘tech company’. To do so, this father of five poached Singapore Airlines’ Digital Transformation Manager. It aims to recruit 300 people this year. While she dreams that one day the group will be “big enough” to sponsor a racing yacht overseas.

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