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With a controlled ROI of 100%, affiliate marketing is especially appreciated by advertisers. If you are an independent digital marketing agency or consultant, offering this service to your clients can help you develop your return on investment. If you are looking for new opportunities to develop your business, then an affiliation can be an excellent solution.

Reminder: Defining Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketingconsists of an exchange system between advertisers who want to promote their offers and affiliates with an audience (website, email database, social networks, etc.)

1: Equip yourself with a good affiliate platform

In order to optimally manage campaigns, it is essential to choose the right affiliate platform. This is the tool that you will use to create your campaigns or your clients’ campaigns, manage affiliates (selection, pay, etc.), provide them with promotional items (banner, mailing kit, etc.), and of course keep track of all transitions in order to reward affiliates accordingly.

Affiliate Marketing Advice

Later in the article, you will find a presentation ofadvibea Saas affiliate platform, but before making your choice, make sure these features are offered by the platform you will choose:

  • Dashboard and reports to effectively monitor campaign performance.
  • A clear interface for affiliate marketers to easily find items and track their results.
  • In order to satisfy as many affiliates as possible, the platform should offer several reward systems (by leadership of course, but also by CPM or CPC).
  • Likewise, you should integrate invoicing system in order to easily reward different affiliates.
  • And if you represent an agency, it is important, Check how many programs you can create. Some platforms may seem useful from a price point of view for a program but are less useful when managing many of them.

2: Choose an attractive reward for both parties

An affiliate compensation strategy is an essential component of a successful campaign. If the reward is too low, you will not be able to attract affiliates. On the contrary, if it is too high, the ROI will not be there.

Before suggesting a reward network, make a benchmark for affiliate programs in your topic Find out what the competition has to offer. The goal, for the newcomer, is to make a better offer to attract affiliate marketers.

Also consider graduated pay. With this system, you will be able to seduce the largest affiliates by offering an increase in pay according to the volume brought in.

3: Carry out leading quality checks

Another important point: Check the quality of the offers. Having a strict follow-up, it will allow you to filter out non-specific leads in order not to pay them and identify the affiliates that bring in the best leads in order to offer them a reward system and motivate them to provide you with more visibility and volume.

4: Promote the program to recruit associates

Even after the launch phase of the program, do not stop on your laurels, Continuing to promote the program. Approach new affiliates on a regular basis to introduce them to your program or your clients’ program if you are an agency.

5: Identify and keep your best affiliates

As we saw in point 3, it is important to determine the best affiliate companies for you:

  1. Those who bring a large number of potential customers;
  2. Those who bring in more qualified leads than the average;
  3. Or those with a network that can improve your brand image or that of your customers.

Once you have identified these “big affiliates”, take the time to communicate well with them in order to gather their feedback and offer them appropriate solutions.

Meanwhile, remember to have regular contacts (once a month) with all your affiliates, via a personalized newsletter for example.

Advibe is a simple and complete platform to get started with affiliate marketing

I hope we have convinced you to get into the affiliate marketing business. Remember to show it to your customers, guaranteed ROI is an argument that few advertisers resist.

To get started, take a look at the Advibe tool which provides you with a complete affiliate platform.

To get a better idea, watch this presentation video:

Among the advantages of the platform, in addition to what I was able to mention in point 1 above:

– Unlimited number of programs, visuals, advertisers and publishers (affiliates). This allows you to quietly develop your performance marketing offering.

Affiliate Marketing

Mobile and tablet compatible interface to follow your campaigns, whatever the circumstances.

Responsive Affiliate Tool

– 6 types of rewards for each campaign: offer, click, double click, model, fixed sale, percentage sale.

– Personalize the interface with your colors (colors, logo and even your own domain name).

Customizable Affiliate Interface

Affiliate Marketing Tool

A scalable server that adapts to your needs.

A tool for creating and managing newsletters. No need for an additional tool to connect with your affiliate network, everything is built in, which makes tracking a lot easier.

Affiliate Marketing Tool, Newsletter

– Invoice Contact Manager for Advertisers and Payment Contact Manager for Publishers.

– Integrated webmail that allows you to manage your contacts, schedules and tasks (integrated anti-virus and anti-spam software).

In the same interface, you will be able to find all the tools to properly manage your affiliate campaigns. Manage your campaigns, advertisers, and affiliates, and create reports for you or your customers.

In addition to the main interface, Advibe provides two other custom interfaces for advertisers and publishers (in English and French) and is compatible with mobile and tablet.

To see the possibilities, it is best to access their trial version, just order it here.

Advibe was launched a few months ago and has already attracted many agencies and advertisers. With its high quality display, there is no doubt that the solution will find its place in the market. Consider testing it for your next affiliate marketing campaigns.

Lindsay Léoté, President and CEO of Patate & Co:

Affil & Co has been using the services of Advibe since the beginning and we are very satisfied with the services provided. The tool is convenient and adaptable to everyone’s needs. The Advibe team is responsive and interested in the changes that need to be made to the tool to make it as efficient as possible. »

To learn more about the online demo and interface test, click here.

The article was written in collaboration with Advibe.

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