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Take the basic usage of a society that has to make do with little. We build our product, our service, our offer! And then it’s about making it known. There is no lack of manners! You can leverage your network, develop a social ads or Google Ads strategy, or have a good content strategy to attract prospects through their searches on Google. Here we are just not the crowd at the beginning, we don’t necessarily have the means to at least test everything at the same time. So here it is, I don’t necessarily want to dig through the studies I’ve read in the past, but I can still remember their great lessons. And then I rely a little on the conversations I’ve had with other marketing and sales profiles, or those who have been at their feet due to reduced staffing. In general, we strive for efficiency at the beginning to make the most of the available resources and time. And in this little game, networking and cold email regularly come up as two of the most successful strategies.

Mailmeteor: a budget email tool with essential features

So, if we exclude the network, cold email is pretty effective. Like I said, if you haven’t overdone your offer, present it to your goals. We’ve targeted the positions, the companies that interest us, we collect the emails by hand or otherwise, and then it’s about sending our emails. Mailmeteor is a Gmail add-on that allows you to personalize sending to a contact group. All you have to do is prepare your database in a Google Sheet with personalization criteria (gender, first name, last name, company, etc.) to be able to send the same email with a personalized coloring to each of the contacts.

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Of course, you can create several templates that can be saved, the latter being used in different use cases (reminder, invitation to an event, CP shooting for journalists, etc.). The idea is to understand the different cases in which an email is sent to multiple contacts to save time in sending and personalizing.

Mailmeteor also allows monitoring of each shoot in terms of opens, clicks and replies to your personalized email send.

In terms of price, the tool works in freemium mode. It is possible to send up to 100 emails per day for free. The monthly price to unlock broadcasting is $4.99

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