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Email remains the main marketing communication channel in 2020. It makes perfect sense when you consider that 3.9 billion people use it today, a number that should continue to grow to reach 4.3 billion users in 2023 (statistical).

When we look at the return on investment for this communication channel, we understand why Forrester projects that email accessibility, reliability, and profitability will drive companies to increase their investment in technology equipment. Thus, for every 1 euro spent, the return on investment is 42 euros according to the Data and Marketing Association, an increase of 10 euros since the previous study.

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With mobile usages growing, however, SMS cannot be outdone and proves formidable when combined with email in an overall strategy! So the main difficulty lies in the ability to implement campaigns, which raises sub-issues: How is the data centralized? Collect and manage contacts? Want to send personalized email and SMS campaigns to these profiles? Automate messaging with dynamic scenarios? Turn on dynamic and enableable monitoring and reporting of its performance?

With 20 years of experience in data and messaging marketing issues, and 800 backed companies like Orange, Bordeaux Métropole and Grand Chambery, Dolist offers an email and SMS marketing platform as well as marketing automation for professionals: “Strong since 2000 with its many years of technical and marketing experience, Dolist envisioned a tool born from customer feedback and knowledge of its teams.This is how Campaign, a digital marketing platform, was born in 2018 to simplify the deployment of relationship marketing campaigns for professionals.Explains Jean-Paul Lux, co-founder of Dolist.

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Features tailored for email and SMS marketing campaigns

The campaign is built around different unified marketing groups that interact and interact with each other to develop the database set and management strategy on which to base your email and SMS marketing campaigns. By importing files, fields, forms … the platform and its intrinsic strength are enriched, making it possible to deploy increasingly customized operational procedures (message creation, targeting, sending campaigns, statistics …).
Interactive database connected to other organizational tools

The campaign allows, first of all, to centralize and manage the database of contacts that can be imported directly from the platform, manually via Excel for example, or thanks to automatic import (FTP or API) that allows data to be synchronized between the platform and the ecosystem of tools it uses Its partners: ERP, CRM, Business Solutions, etc.
The API is one of the campaign’s strengths. Users who want to do so save a significant amount of time by accessing various campaign features from their preferred interface.

Dolist data centralization

If everything is customizable in the accuracy of contact profiles, it is because this information will then be used to create segments and will be enriched with new data from campaigns launched from the campaign, making it more relevant afterwards.

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Forms Editor for Registration and Qualifications Management

Collecting and qualifying contact information is the backbone of war in an era of message over-personalization. For example, if the average email open rate is 21%, it increases to 50% when the object is customized (Yes Lifecycle Marketing, 2019). So the whole point is to expand and enrich your contact base with new information. The campaign opens up very interesting possibilities thanks to the intuitive form editor that has all the essential features for compiling and enriching the contacts database.

Campaign format Gathering leads

Responsive, forms are easily editable and can be integrated into all enterprise media (app, blog, website, point of sale terminal, etc). The campaign also allows setting up automatic confirmation emails for a contact in parallel with notifying teams. The solution enables good management of user roles in an organization or project.

New entry points for the contacts database are accompanied by functions to clean them. Thus, the campaign offers the ability to automatically de-duplicate contacts, identify countries with a phone code or even correct grammatical errors in emails or domain names …

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Responsive drag and drop email generator

The campaign platform integrates a powerful email builder thanks to the 2019 acquisition of Welkom Editor. The responsive design is optimized for deliverability with plenty of customizable template templates to build upon. The specialized solution is compatible with Campaign, the guarantor of HTML code.

Optimized targeting options for email and SMS campaigns

The base of connectivity and the precise accuracy of the aggregated and disaggregated campaign data allow to provide users with a very interesting multi-conditional audience targeting. Thus, all criteria can be combined to create the most relevant sections and send a personalized message to contacts.

Thus the user can filter according to contact information, previous purchases or behavior from previous campaigns, but also based on data associated with communication channels, etc.

The campaign does not neglect SMS and provides an editor that allows you to customize and preview the message (length, mobile width, consideration of variables, etc.) as well as campaign planning.

Obviously, email and SMS can be combined in campaigns.

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Automate email and SMS scenarios

The campaign allows you to organize your marketing automation thanks to the coordination of scenarios on a clear and easy to use module.

dolist email and sms script

Everything is configurable and customizable according to the specifics of the customer lifecycle of each organization.

SMS Script Campaign

As mentioned above, the solution offers the possibility to combine campaigns with email and SMS scenarios, which makes it possible to play on both channels by adapting the discourse and triggers.

Campaign Analytics Dashboards with Advanced Indicators

Campaign allows you to visualize and monitor all performance of email and SMS campaigns. Clever indicators (delivery, openings, clicks, response, but also behavioral, etc.) make it possible to quickly understand the results of actions. Statistics are complemented by a heatmap to detect hot click areas and improve the design of future campaigns.
Finally, Dolist teams have also developed an algorithm, the Global Quality Index IGQ, to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of campaigns.

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A combination of technologies and services

Dolist’s bias is to relate to its campaign platform, which is support tailored and tailored to the needs of its partners, up to the latter’s involvement in building future jobs. Thus Dolist complements its solution offering with customized services for its partners that have specific needs. Support that is often neglected in the software sector is brought back to the center here. Dolist starts by noting that marketing techniques cannot be fully exploited by users without support in publishing, managing, and optimizing their campaigns. That’s why the company has deployed a range of modular and customizable services (support and delivery consulting, workshops and marketing consulting, email design studio, HTML email integration, etc.).

The offer thus becomes truly adaptable, personalized and tailored to the specific needs of each company.

Some other strong points complement an already rich offering:

  • Self-financed technology, developed and hosted in France
  • Mastering Deliverability and Sender Reputation for 20 Years
  • Commitment to Anti-Spam and Good Handling of Legitimate Emails (Member of M3AAWG, Anti-Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group)
  • Technology that undergoes regular intrusion tests and is governed by a comprehensive public IT security policy.

In constant development, the campaign platform is regularly adding advanced features such as transactional email, which has just been released. Target? Meet the evolving needs of the market and professionals as closely as possible.

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