A B2B digital and strategic marketing audit is a MUST!

Audit of digital and strategic marketing between companies[1] Probably turn it off For some clients who see it as just a cliched stage of knowledge transfer. Some will go on to conclude that “if you’re good at what you’re doing, you don’t need to go through this stage before you take any action.”

When these people talk about work, they are often referring to communication in the broad sense (public relations, direct sales, advertising, etc.). For communication to be truly profitable, it must be accurate in order to be effective. And to get there, you have to master different environments.

However, digital and strategic marketing is not communication. Communication is the culmination of the marketing process, its purpose or even Produce.

That being the case, let’s admit two things:
the first Is that there must be a deep understanding of the work in the base. of its culture, presentation, marketing and sales processes. Its customers’ buying and selling processes, differentiation, position, markets and competitors. Finally, the tools they use to create “marketing intelligence” (CRM, marketing automation, search engine optimization, etc.) in order to make good connections.

the second Is that if we want to value our efforts, we must be able to measure them with relevant performance indicators. We must be able to identify outcomes to determine if our actions are truly effective and to revise them if necessary.

If there is a misunderstanding of the advantages related to marketing audit, there are, on the contrary, managers who see it as an opportunity. And that is by deepening the thinking about their reality and their market with the support of specialists and thus looking at their challenges and strategies differently.

Audit mandate with recommendations in B2B strategic marketing must be implemented with great precision and different talents. It should be supervised by experienced people who integrate the knowledge and skills of marketing and sales. This is B2B after all!

The typical path of a digital and strategic marketing audit process
I invite you to discover the stages of auditing strategic and digital marketing in ExoB2B By visiting our dedicated page for this service.

Therefore, this first step of auditing, although seen by some as a necessary evil, is of great importance in the strategic marketing process. Provides an accurate picture of sales and marketing functions. Frame appropriately the issues facing the company to ensure its next stage of growth. It makes it possible to avoid presenting a ready-made solution based on tactics instead of a real strategy that has been maturing for a long time.

A strategic and digital marketing audit that does not include strategic and tactical recommendations has no value in the eyes of the customer. And for good reason! Make sure that these elements are not only present, but have depth. It is achievable, as it will define the strategic plan including performance indicators and marketing activities for the next 12 months with review every quarter.

If doubt persists in your mind, contact us! We will be pleased to move the exchange forward by showing you concrete examples of audits that have been conducted for our clients.

[1] By strategic marketing, I refer to the fact that the strategy is developed from research and market analyzes which help in identifying the real problems facing the company. From the risks comes the choice of basic growth strategies, for example (positioning, supply, segmentation, etc.). Setting objectives will result from these choices which will then be put into practice through the implementation of the marketing mix.

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