6 Undisputed Examples of Marketing Emails That Retain Your Customers

The Email Marketing It is one of the most effective marketing channels. When done right, email marketing campaigns can actually boost your sales by encouraging new and existing customers to come to your online store.

Lightspeed asked her partner, Reload, to share his expertise in email marketing. Here are 6 strategies that will help increase customer loyalty.

1. Celebrate one year of loyalty

Email your customers after one year of their existence First purchase, including a special discount code and related products from their previous purchases. Lightspeed eCom lets you know when each customer first made a purchase and view files Complete purchase history. It’s a great customized way to entice them to shop online while showing that you know the products they’re interested in.

2. Send a pickup? for their birthday

The Birthday emails It has a 481% higher transaction rate than promotional emails. When your customers sign up for your newsletter or create an account on your site, consider ordering a birthday as well. You can then give them a small gift for the occasion like a promotional code or even a free addon.

3. Share your new groups

Customers appreciate customization and this includes the products you suggest to them. Consider emailing your customers whenever you receive Your latest collection that contains products that may interest them. This way, you can keep your customers updated and increase awareness of new products in your store.

4. Ask for reviews of purchased products

The Reviews and comments The products are very important for your online store. The average consumer reads about 10 reviews online before trusting a company. why ? Because other customers’ experiences are incredibly valuable and unbiased information – they naturally influence buying decisions.

Did you know that comments are too Excellent for SEO result from your location? Unique Reviews provide unique content that Google rewards!

Consider emailing your customers after purchase, asking if they were happy with their purchase and encouraging them to leave a review. If they leave a positive review, this is a real added value for you! If the review is inconclusive, you have a chance to contact them directly and correct the situation.

5. batch abandon cart

The latest findings from Statistica show that more than 70% of shopping carts are abandoned in the retail industry. Customers choose a product, add it to their cart – then leave. What happened ?

Oops, looks like you forgot a little something in your basket!

Every time a customer abandons their cart, email them a fun reminder. Studies show that this simple email initiative can have impressive conversion rates if sent within an hour of cart abandonment.

6 Undisputed Examples of Marketing Emails That Retain Your Customers

6. Refer a friend

One of the best ways to gain new clients is a Sponsorship Program. 77% of customers are more likely to buy from a company when they learn about it from friends. 42% of customers are loyal to the brands their family and friends buy from.

L ‘Your customers’ opinion It has a huge impact on the buying decisions of their peers and a referral program is the most effective way to get as many referrals as possible.

Give your existing customers a special promo code to share with their friends. For example, 20% off your first purchase. If their friend turns into a sale, the existing customer will also receive a bonus. Incentives increase the likelihood that your existing customer will actively promote your store, while their trusted recommendations increase the likelihood that their friends will become customers.

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