▷ What are SEO Certifications to Become an SEO Consultant?

Companies are increasingly looking for SEO consultants to help them improve their visibility on search engines. Let’s see what SEO certifications will be useful for you to become an SEO consultant…

SEO Certifications

Currently, there are many search engine optimization (SEO) certifications around the world. However, we are fortunate that in France we have the French Association of Referers “SEO CAMP”, which has designed two certificates that perfectly meet the expectations one can have from a certificate….

On the other hand, these certifications are designed by SEO professionals and not awarded to just anyone: it is really necessary to have a solid knowledge of natural references to get them.

On the other hand, the association works to advertise and recognize these professional certifications to help companies identify competent referrals across the web.

In addition, these certifications are not expensive. To obtain it, it is simply necessary to be part of the association and 10 euros are required from the participants to reimburse the costs related to the exam.

At the time of writing this article, SEO CAMP offers two certifications:

  • QASEO Certification (Qualification of Competency for SEO): “QASEO is a qualification awarded to persons who, during examination, have demonstrated advanced skills in natural references and, in general, a good knowledge of research marketing.”
  • CESEO Certification (CEO Expert Certification): “CESEO is a certification awarded to persons who, during the exam, have demonstrated great mastery of natural reference techniques and, in general, good knowledge of research marketing. Recognized in the labor market, awarded after a practical exam corrected by A jury made up of experts, who are themselves CESEO-certified. »

To obtain a QASEO certification, it is obviously necessary to have a solid knowledge of search engine operation and in general the entire world of search engine optimization (SEO). This is why the association provides this list of resources for training on natural references.

For CESEO certification, it is necessary to have experience to hope to obtain it. Furthermore, the association reports that the pass rate for this test is less than 25%.

What other testimonials are useful for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very broad field that includes everything that can improve your visibility on search engines.

So, there are many useful SEO skills out there without being strictly SEO related.

In fact, skills in website traffic analysis, or in advertising references (SEA), are very useful, and even necessary, for designing a relevant SEO strategy.

For example, linking a SEA campaign to a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy makes it possible, among other things, to validate the relevance of the keyword strategy before allocating time and money to it in order to return to it naturally.

Same goes for traffic analysis, if you don’t know how to properly dissect the data, it will distort your conclusions and thus your strategy.

In addition, SEO can be divided into several parts: it can be a technical optimization of a website with the aim of improving its performance, accessibility, crawling, indexing and others. Or even content improvements where this time it will be questions related to semantics, content depth, intranets, etc. And finally, to improve the PageRank for the content and more generally for the website, where this time the goal is to activate the levers outside the website, using other websites, or even social networks. to develop its popularity (through the “snowball effect”).

As you understand, there are many testimonials that can be useful for natural referral. The idea is that these are useful for designing and implementing a relevant and effective SEO strategy!

Why Get Your SEO Certification to Become an SEO Consultant?

Certifications make it possible to justify your skills as a web reference and as explained in this article: To become an SEO consultant, it is necessary to prove your legitimacy and level of SEO experience to your future clients.

However, if you already have enough clients and don’t want to offer new services, certifications are also a good thing to refresh you in your field.

In fact, natural cross-referencing techniques are evolving and what you once thought was always true may not be true today. So going through a training process to update your knowledge will definitely be beneficial to you and your clients.

Google testimonials

In order to assist companies in digital transformation, Google offers several accredited digital marketing courses with online workshops.

However, do not expect very advanced courses. It is an introduction to digital marketing that will introduce you to the basic principles.

As we have seen, website traffic analysis is crucial to designing a relevant SEO strategy.

To do this analysis, the most comprehensive free tool on the market is Google Analytics and this series of online training from Google Analytics Academy allows you to practice in the tool.

After this training, you can earn certifications, including the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certificate, which demonstrate outstanding proficiency in Google Analytics.

As you will see, there is also a training for Google Tag Manager. This will be very useful for you to prepare a tagging plan in order to have additional data for those collected by default by Google Analytics.

When it comes to referring to ads, there are many different testimonials.

What we are particularly interested in for natural referral is the Google Search Network Certification, because other courses will not be beneficial to your natural referral strategy.

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