▷ Snapchat launches new features for more fun and expressive interactions

Snapchat has unveiled four new messaging features it says are aimed at making chats more fun and expressive. They will all be rolled out to Android and iOS in the coming days…

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Snapchat says: To kick off the new year, we’ve added a bunch of new features to Snapchat messages that make chatting with your real friends even more fun and expressive.

Let’s start with chat responses. you can now Reply to specific messages on Snapchat , just like you do on WhatsApp. To do this, you can long press on the message and select the “Reply to Chat” option to provide a reply or swipe left on the message to reply.

Bitmoji Interactions

You can also Reply to a Snapchat chat message with Bitmoji interactions . To do this, long press on the message to see a row of Bitmoji icons and choose the one you want. It will work the same way you do when replying to messages on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and even Twitter. Except those on Snapchat have their own unique identity and are not just emoji reactions (if you’ve created your own Bitmoji).

In a thread, you’ll now be able to choose one of seven Bitmoji interactions, providing a quick way to respond to messages, while incorporating the use of Bitmoji.

scan stickers

Separately, Snapchat offers emoji-backed poll stickers, which can be added to both Snaps and Stories to poll your friends for their thoughts on a particular question.

Just like the poll sticker on Instagram, it allows you to add different types of poll stickers on your Snap Stories to see what people think. This feature will work for both iOS and Android users. If you post a poll, you’ll be able to see who voted for what.

On Snapchat, a user can ask a friend a question. Subscribers can then select the music note emoji or mobile phone emoji to cast their vote.

According to Snapchat:

“Our video polls work on iOS and Android, so all your friends can participate and give their opinion. Plus, our polls are designed with transparency in mind: you can see how your friends voted to ensure responses remain thoughtful and kind.”

New feature in group chats

Snapchat also adds a new option to reply to individual messages in an ongoing group chat, allowing you to specifically address any comments with a separate thread.

The feature will be familiar to those who participate in group chats on Messenger, given that Meta added the same feature in 2019. The option will make it easier to ensure your messages are understood, while providing more context for everyone in the group chat.

Better voice and video calls

Finally, it has a short-lived messaging app Improved audio and video calls To make conversations more fun with an improved interface and the ability to easily add Lenses. It will also allow you to see who joined the call before you.

These are all relatively minor tweaks, but everyone is doing their part so Snap can boost engagement and interaction through its chat and conference options. Each of the new features is now available in the latest version of the app.

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