▷ LinkedIn ends stigma on job cuts

This is an essential feature to explain the shortcomings of your online resume. Grief, caregiving, travel, maternity leave… Downtime can now be viewed without any fear or shame on LinkedIn thanks to this new feature that recruiters love…

According to recent statistics, almost half a billion families are affected by a functional interruption, especially after the birth of a child:

  • approximately 22% of women interrupt their career for paternalistic reasons;
  • 17% for medical reasons;
  • 14% for psychological problems.

New findings from LinkedIn also show that about half of hiring managers say downtime is becoming more common.

In a recent global survey of more than 22,000 people, LinkedIn found that 62% of people worldwide have stopped working at some point in their lives.

The number of US jobs posted on the site that mention downtime or “come back” after a hiatus of two years or more, for example – increased by:

  • 63% in 2021 compared to 2020;
  • 100% compared to 2018.

But rest assured, about the same number of hiring managers say that people who have taken career breaks are a The pool of untapped talent.

“A lot of people say you learn a lot of valuable interpersonal skills, like time management, great communication, and the ability to ruthlessly prioritize.” said Camilla Han Hee, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn. “So feel free to add these things to your profile. They are valid, they are real, and they are super valuable.”

Women (most affected by the interruption) have learned:

  • self-awareness (34%);
  • Patience and tolerance (32%).
  • problem solving skills (31%);
  • time management (30%);
  • To be happy at work.

Han Hee continues: “Be sure to practice the kind of story you want to tell about your career break. Also, make sure you are able to relate the skills you learned to what you can offer in the new job.”

Instead of feeling ashamed or hiding something, you can therefore change the situation and talk about the skills and experiences that they acquired during their spare time.

In fact, according to LinkedIn, “51 percent of recruiters say they are more likely to contact a candidate who provides context for their career-breaking.”

An essential feature of the professional rest period

While many people still struggle to communicate effectively about work disruption, LinkedIn offers an exciting feature to job seekers. It also allows you to stand out among the recruits.

This new option allows you to add a “functional interruption” and choose the reasons from the drop-down list. The reasons, which are many, include:

  • full time breeding
  • Blacksmith ;
  • healthcare
  • pursuit of personal goals;
  • demobilization
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To add a career break to your LinkedIn profile:

  • Click “Add Section” under your profile picture, followed by “Add a career break”;
  • Choose the type of professional leave;
  • Fill in information about the duration of your layoff, and a description;
  • Attach any relevant media.

This decision thus represents a crucial turning point in the normalization of the debate about the shortcomings of CVs. The new feature will be available worldwide in a few weeks.

Source: Linkedin

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