▷ Email, SMS and Marketing Automation in the Same Platform: Campaign by Dolist

For an effective customer relationship, the different channels must be connected. In particular, emails and SMS messages that increase their performance if well formatted. With a dose of marketing automation of course. Good news, there is a tool that combines email, SMS, and marketing automation: Campaign by Dolist. We tested it for you…

Before we go into details, here’s a video presentation to give you an idea of ​​the possibilities:

The campaign offers all the essential tools and features for the entire CRM from a single interface.

Data, a true end-to-end channel tool, is at the heart of your strategy to coordinate various levers according to your subscriber profile and actions. The database can connect to any information system tool (CRM, ERP, reservation platform, etc.) in order to regularly import and qualify your contacts.

interesting : Multidimensional database to unify and exploit all transaction data of contacts from different applications To create more relevant messages. To learn more about it, go here.

For starters, you have the option of creating responsive assembly forms to embed on your site. Configurable and customizable, campaign forms automatically update and feed your database in real time according to the information provided. If you prefer to keep your existing forms, an FTP data recovery system is available. Whichever solution is chosen, your data is automatically integrated into the campaign platform. Of course, Contact collection and management is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The purpose, date, and IP address of the contact are recorded each time the form is submitted.

number: Dolist, the company that publishes the solution, is committed to combating SPAM and is a member of the M3AAWG and Signal Spam associations, two international working groups that combat the abuse of SPAM. She is also a member of FrenchTech Bordeaux.

Once collected across forms, the contacts are consolidated into the campaign database. They can then be eligible (when the form is clicked, validated, or a file is uploaded) according to the interest scheme you’ve selected. Interests allow you to specifically question your contacts to enrich your database and customize your communications accordingly. You can also choose to assign interests to your contacts yourself.

In parallel, the campaign introduces a system of labels called tags. They make it possible to link and organize many elements together around a topic in order to improve the user experience. Thus the user can easily find the targeting, messages, forms or statistics attached to the tag.

Focus on email deliverability: a strong point of the campaign

As you know, the quality of your correspondence is the key to a better delivery. The solution offers the Global Quality Index (IGQ). This index collects several parameters that represent the direction of your campaigns and turns their success into one score. The goal is to quickly assess the success of your email campaigns and the quality of your mail messages over time.

The campaign also integrates exclusive real-time monitoring, warning, and regulation technology to improve message deliverability: OPERA (Optimal Predictive Email Reputation Activity). It promotes better management of email deliverability, the technical reputation of senders and thus the impact of your email campaigns.

Indispensable for marketing automation

Campaign by Dolist offers a very complex and intuitive marketing automation tool, you can create scenarios with different affiliates that combine email and SMS.

Example : After sending a marketing campaign, if the person does not open the email after one day, an SMS is automatically sent inviting him to read the information sent via the email.

Everything is possible to customize your scenario: Multiple conditions of appointments, behavior and branches.. Only happiness! He’s a real coordinator for omnichannel scenarios Allowing you to combine email and SMS campaigns!

Here are 3 examples:

  1. ‘Sleep’ scenario contacts: automatically and in a custom way restart your contacts that have not given any sign of activity after sending previous email campaigns.
  2. Birthday Scenario: Propose an offer to the contacts whose birthday is coming soon.
  3. Post-Purchase Satisfaction Scenario: Provide a satisfaction survey based on all data related to your contacts’ purchases.

Create goals for sending campaigns

You can create multiple targets in your contact list in order to have ultra-private mail correspondence.

All fields in your database can be used to create targeting (personal contact details, behavioral data, transaction data, data for communication channels, etc.):

While creating your targeting, the tool indicates how many active emails and contacts have a mobile phone registered to send SMS.

With this tool, you can accurately segment your audience through different filters based on the data collected and data from your past campaigns. These filters can be bypassed (include/exclude) in order to be as accurate as possible with respect to the desired target.

Design your email with Responsive Email Generator

Once you have defined your targeting, it’s time to submit your campaign, many possibilities are available to you: Add source code or a built-in email responsive generator that provides advanced responsive designs creation in a very easy and delivery-optimized way.

Everything is done very easily without you having any particular technical knowledge. Also note that you can have specific designs for mobile and desktop. It is also possible to customize the communication according to the device on which the person opens the message.

Once your email is ready, all you have to do is program it. You can, before that, run a test directly from the submit editor to verify that everything is displayed correctly.

Track campaign results

Once you submit your campaigns, you can follow your stats and key indicators to measure their performance.

You have several filters at your disposal to optimize the data provided (filter by message, send type, period, etc) and thus compare open rates accordingly. Users can also access statistics for each contact.

In conclusion: a ready-made solution

With its streamlined interface, advanced targeting options and automation tool, the campaign by Dolist offers a turnkey solution that adapts to all needs.

4 offers are available: from the Start view, ideal for simply starting to communicate by email and/or SMS, to the API Box view for controlling emails and SMS messages from your gadgets. Everything is standard.

Offer details are available on this page.

To get a better idea and get a customized solution, you have the option to request a product demo. Do not hesitate, this will allow you to see how much possibilities the tool offers.

Click here to learn more about the Dolist campaign

The article was written in collaboration with Dolist.

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