MailChimp brings AI to its newsletter offering

This new feature called Content Optimization will aim to help users improve the performance of their newsletter campaigns. The tool will work by making recommendations to improve its content thanks to artificial intelligence.

Machine learning to improve content

While it is very easy to evaluate the performance of a newsletter campaign, identifying objective reasons for its success is a complex process because its design is subjective. John Wolf, Founder of Inspector 6 and Product Manager for Smart Content at MailChimp, started from this observation to suggest his idea. express it to Tech Talks : Our idea was: What if we could use machine learning to understand marketing content? »

Content optimization is the feature that MailChimp offers in response to this idea. Like any machine learning model, optimizing content marketing depends on the use of large amounts of qualitative data. Thanks to its extensive database, MailChimp is able to identify the patterns of successful marketing campaigns. Thus, the tool exploits this data, predicts the quality of newsletter campaigns, and makes suggestions on how to improve content, layout, and images.

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Detailed report to improve your news campaign

After designing its newsletter, Mailchimp presents a campaign report with some parameters controlled by artificial intelligence. We find sentence length and total number of words, number and relevance of call-to-action buttons included in the newsletter, well-balanced text/image ratio or even consistency of fonts and text style. user.

Content Improvement Report

The Content Optimize report is based on four AI-powered criteria. Screenshot: MailChimp.

Content Optimize’s access is part of MailChimp’s strategy to invest in features using artificial intelligence and big data. The goal is to provide services to ensure that small businesses can compete with large companies when it comes to email.

In the same style as the tool, Designmodo, a competitor to MailChimp, has introduced Postcards: a generator for newsletters where no single line of code is required. This service offers the creation of powerful newsletters with the difference that the user is limited to 70 customizable units. Content Optimize will work with any newsletter designed on MailChimp, whether or not using one of the templates the site provides.

What future for MailChimp?

Currently, MailChimp functionality is only available for newsletters. However, the company announced that it intends to go ahead and plans to expand its offering to other marketing tools such as landing pages. The tool is useful for creating engaging campaigns and thus improving your conversion rate. It is aimed at small and medium businesses (SMEs) or entrepreneurs who do not necessarily have the skills or resources to deliver effective newsletters.

Note that in the future, all the features offered by MailChimp will be ported to the Intuit platform. Last September, the big tech group acquired the marketing services company for 10 billion euros, the largest purchase in its history. As part of this acquisition, Intuit has announced its support for MailChimp in order to support smaller structures so they can take an extra step in marketing.

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