Instantly, an easy-to-use platform to manage your cold email

Emails are the core of any good marketing strategy. They make it possible to gain visibility, create a link with their prospects and deliver an advertisement to their clients. However, it often happens that the sent messages end up in the spam of the recipients. This is often the case during a cold email campaign. This is an email prospecting technique that aims to generate new leads. This method is especially used in B2B. Fortunately, there are tools to improve the deliverability of this type of email, such as Fawry.

Improve the deliverability of your emails

On the platform, you must first log in with your company email address. The advantage is that it instantly allows multiple connections. In this way, the marketing agency can communicate with the emails of its customers in order to manage their campaigns directly from the site.

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Sending bulk emails isn’t always a successful tactic. In fact, there is a huge risk that sent messages will end up in spam, and odds are you never open them. For this reason, it is recommended to “warm up” your email address (also called “e-mail warm-up”).

This involves different techniques. For example, it is possible to start by sending emails to a small group of people, and then gradually expand the list of recipients. Instantly warm up feature to automate the process. The tool, which is powered by artificial intelligence, ensures that emails reach the main inbox.

It is also recommended to customize your messages, which allows you to do so on the spot. On the platform, you have to upload your contact list. It must be in CSV format. It is possible to edit the first line of an email message so that the name or position of the person we are talking to is displayed or to write a personalized message. All this takes only a few seconds thanks to the drop down menus. The campaign only needs programming.

Its impact can be tracked from the Analytics Dashboard. It contains many metrics to understand the impact of the actions implemented. The presented graph allows you to constantly monitor them.

Currently, it is immediately available for life and at a low price on AppSumo. The tool is available for $59 instead of $444. This allows for 20,000 emails to be sent per month. Two more licenses are offered, allowing you to submit 40,000 and 100,000.

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