How to get out of the game with an email signature?

In the face of the surrounding lack of obesity and the increasing demand of the masses, it is now difficult to reach your goal, despite the excellent content. This fact seems true to customers and prospects, as well as to partners, suppliers or collaborators. So what channel should it use to ensure that information is disseminated over its entire ecosystem? How to proceed? What are the best practices for excellence? An email, and in particular his signature, can be the answer to these questions. Often forgotten and neglected, it really has great potential. We explain to you.

Email is the world’s number one business communication channel.

In 2017, 8 in 10 French people were convinced that email would be the number one means of communication within ten years, before SMS and social networking, according to a study by Morar Consulting for Mailjet. Four years later, we’re there: Email is indeed the most profitable digital marketing procedure. the reason ? Easy to use and set up, this solution is inexpensive, very practical and above all not very intrusive. Nowadays, 4 out of 10 people open their emails within an hour of receiving them and nearly two thirds of them open within 3 hours. Additionally, at least 319 billion emails were sent daily worldwide in 2021, according to Statista. A number that should grow to 376 billion by 2025, according to the same source. So not using this note would be a pity.

Similarly, an employee sends 40 emails per day. In a company with 500 collaborators (or ambassadors), there are 800,000 opportunities, more than 20 working days, which arise to communicate about their brand. Both the content and format of emails should not be neglected!

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Email makes it possible to enhance its brand image, to impress new customers but also to retain it “Elders”. Typically, a conversion email enables a promotion to be distributed, or announcing a new product launch, at strategic times (such as sales and holidays). This motivational business approach is often used in the ready-to-wear business, for example. We are talking more and more about cold email, which consists of sending emails to well-defined prospects, to offer their services or products. Note that these recipients don’t know you yet, hence the idea “cold call” where “the cold”. As for the loyalty email, it makes it possible to re-launch all people who have purchased or shown interest in a product. Purposeful and personal, it can have a promotional or informational purpose. In the second case, we will talk about a newsletter, which is an essential tool for implementing your digital strategy.

It is worth noting that 4 out of 10 people go to a store or make a purchase after receiving a business email and 85% of them keep information that is considered interesting, according to SNCD. Thus, these stats are proof that email is now a good medium for prospecting and should be used intelligently.

Capucine Roche, Letsignit’s Chief Marketing Officer adds:“Everyone thought email was dead when Microsoft Teams and Slack came out…. But the evidence is that recent studies show that there aren’t that many emails sent out in the world. It remains immortal. That’s why it’s important to make it a formidable weapon for branding and engagement. However, don’t abuse it: We all receive dozens of emails per day and, more often than not, we rarely read them.We recommend using your 1 to 1 emails to create super personalized and highly targeted relationships.Less but better, a saying About respect in life but also in those emails.”

But you still have to share your email at the right time, in the right place, and to the right person. To do this, it is necessary to define their goals, make a plan, bet on hyper-allocation and above all know the location of the recipient in the funnel, or the transfer tunnel. Remember that this is broken down into three steps:

  • TOFU (Top of Funnel): This is the first contact between your brand and a potential customer. Generally, this step is used for your introduction, hence the importance ” Good impression “.
  • MOFU (Mid-Funnel, or Mid-Funnel): At this point your potential customers know and care about you in a certain way. However, it is rather fickle: it must therefore be stimulated.
  • BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel): The relationship between your company and potential customer is actually stronger. Trust is established but these potential clients need a helping hand to take the initiative.

Email signature, a marketing tool in itself

Regarding email signature, there are several schools: abbreviated (which only indicate the surname, first name and location), endless (those that double external links and CNIL organizational lanes) or even “disco ball” (He who blinks and loves devices multiplies his weight by 10). Even worse, different styles can mix within the same company, undermining its unique, unified and cohesive image. A true artistic massacre. However, this item is essential in your emails and there is no shortage of reasons to make time for it or address it.

First of all, an email signature conveys your branding image. Don’t forget that your collaborators are your best ambassadors! Also, through poor performance, carelessness and unresponsiveness, said signature will discredit the sender of the message and his company. Best to be simple and effective, to convey a sense of professionalism and to entice the recipient. At the same time, it personifies you and allows your prospects to easily get to know you. Hence the importance of making it attractive and memorable through, for example, colours. After that, an email signature is also an opportunity to push certain content or other information of interest. Finally, it allows you to generate traffic on your site, social networks, blog or technical documents with a call to action, usually called a CTA. Several studies show that they mechanically attract attention when they contain a clickable banner or button. Thus this is an opportunity to generate traffic but also to measure it using UTM tags. It’s a real activating lever. Finally, from an internal point of view, an email signature is also a vector of company belonging, commitment, and team spirit. It might be a detail, but it means a lot to collaborators.

“Letsignit’s email signature is a great combination between an attractive business card and a billboard that we would love to bring home. It’s not a matter of doubling down on information, simply getting the most important in a visual, clear and interactive way. Our tip: Humanize your signature and carefully choose the campaigns you convey, It can make a huge difference.” Recommends Capucine Roche.

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Letsignit: A SaaS solution to customize and automate your email signature

Let’s talk about logistics. Setting up your email signature manually can be time consuming and complicated. Then, it should also be automated to take full advantage of its capabilities and to choose centralized management thus ensuring the same signature for everyone. A graphic charter for the brand must also be respected. Hence the importance of using the right tool. This is where Letsignit comes in.

This groundbreaking, intuitive solution allows you to create one or more email signatures, customize them with different widgets and assign them to one or more groups, taking into account language, subsidiary, service, as well as campaign. Thus the collaborator can choose the most appropriate approach according to the content, audience, and position in the conversion path. Finally, an important asset of Letsignit is its monitoring of statistics: its analytics will allow you to better adapt your campaigns and refine your actions.

Letsignit is a SaaS marketing solution that turns your employees’ email signatures into powerful 1 to 1 interaction mediums for your brands and campaigns. Our platform deploys in just a few clicks and allows a company to publish hundreds or even thousands of email signatures. It’s very simple, and allows you to have an internal channel of communication And a new super-targeted exterior that’s super personal and not so expensive…” Capucine Roche, Letsignit’s Head of Marketing explains.

In conclusion, email is far from fashionable. This leverage is more objective than ever and can even be automated to allow businesses to save time…and money! Professionals are interested in taking advantage of this format by taking care of its content such as an email signature. Finally, you have to be careful not to overuse this channel as it contributes to digital pollution. Hence the importance of managing this content better through responsible use. To do that, here’s our latest tip: Prioritize quality over quantity, then clean and sort your emails regularly.

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