Boost Prospecting Emails: The SNIPER . Method

Let’s be clear, the sustainability of your business depends on your ability to prospect. Your ideal customer is just a click away. I have added it on many social networks with the hope that one day you will start a business relationship with her. Yes, but now, my prospecting emails are not being answered. This is completely normal. Your potential customer’s attention is constantly drawn elsewhere, not to mention the constant competition. If you want to sell, you need a memorable prospecting email. Here’s how to do it the sniper way.

Step 1: Define your goal

As a good sniper, you don’t shoot randomly. Knowing your goal is the foundation of any prospecting campaign. This is more true when the recipient doesn’t know you, or else you’ll be sure to get it right.

Chances are you have more than one line in your Excel file, more than just a buyer persona.

Generalizing is shooting yourself in the foot because you are talking to a real person. Your potential customer has different needs and interests. The personality of the buyer cannot cover all angles.

Identifying a potential customer will allow you to touch him in his heart. How do we do it concretely?

Get to know the relevant information

Fortunately for us, in the digital age, everyone loves to share their news online. Linkedin is a great tool when it comes to gathering information about a potential customer.

Personalization is the key to success. If your email is rude, it is spam.

Go to the prospect’s profile and collect the information. What was his reaction? What content did he share? Did he accomplish anything worthy of being congratulated?

Finally, you can get the email address of your target via social networks. We’ll see that later.

Stop talking about cold emails

Cold email is a practice whereby a message is sent to the recipient without having had any previous interactions. Without contact has been requested.

Many equate this method with spam.

Couldn’t be more wrong. The method I’m suggesting here is to reverse the impersonal (and ineffective) mass shooting style that is undesirable. The goal is to know the potential customer, so that your communication is completely normal.

If you’re hoping to flood your recipients with a torrent of pointless emails, go ahead. For the charitable mailers, it’s here!

Step 2: Make sure the tag is reached

As a good sniper, you become familiar with the different elements that play against you. Disorders can arise in many forms. The first is the most obvious.

You do not have the potential customer’s email address.

At this point, you are probably wondering why direct messages are not emphasized. True, it seems simpler.

Social networks are a real abyss that captures the attention of users.

If competition is fierce in the mailbox, it is worse on the networks. You will have to compete with a crowd of equally entertaining notifications.

You will get more results by contacting the potential customer via email.

Several Google extensions allow you to extract an email address from Linkedin. All you have to do is go back to the prospect’s profile, launch the extension and… tadam! You get an email address.

These are borderline methods that should be used in moderation. I remind you that we are not spammers, but snipers.

Step 3: Hit the center of the target

It is not enough to send a message to be read. As a good sniper, we must touch a sensitive point of the receiver to make it react.

This is where your rigor in the first step will pay off.

something irresistible

Let’s be clear, you have less than 5 seconds to convince your contact to open your email.

I say persuade, not persuade. Because you will get his attention by provoking an emotional reaction in your prospects. You often hear that your professional connection has to be serious. It’s not fake but serious doesn’t mean it’s boring.

The era of jumpsuit and bag commercials is clearly over.

Think outside the box, and pay attention. The success of your research depends on it. How do we do it concretely?

  • Use less than 60 charactersotherwise it may not be fully legible (it would be a shame if a joke was cut out);
  • Speak directly to your target, you can put an apostrophe for him without having to enter his first name. For example: “This article should satisfy you! 😉 “;
  • Don’t be afraid of emojis! Incorporating an emoji into a professional email is not sacrilege, quite the contrary. It is a powerful transmitter of emotion and helps relax the atmosphere.

(Source Hubspot:

A great email subject is the only way to get an open rate that breaks the ceiling. Beware of falling into a quack.

50 words of persuasion

That’s it, you’ve crossed the line. Now your prospect can’t come back unless he finds an email for an entire day without bread. We must now place the package on the content.

Connecting with your ideal prospect serves only one purpose: to start the conversation. will seek to Arouse their curiosity in order to establish a dialogue. Consider the value you will add to the potential customer.

No professional would turn down a good opportunity.

What should this famous email contain?

  • your opinion on something, It can be content that the recipient publishes on their networks or news. You can seek to exchange with this person by making your point;
  • who are you, Without clarifying the message around you, a two-word presentation will make you enter your contact’s memory (email signature works very well);
  • call to action, This is what will determine whether or not your message will result in a response. It could be a question or a link if you recommend an article, for example.

There is no miraculous recipe. Every possibility is different and breaking the ice requires a lot of effort. But don’t worry, it gets easier with experience. The returns you get are well worth it.

Expect Reminders

Sometimes your efforts go for nothing.

The quality of your e-mail is not a guarantee of a reply. Hundreds of different factors work for and against you. So I encourage you not to waste your time on the “why”.

Set up your email to follow up instead.

Re-release Art Rules

You will again seek feedback from your recipient. Please note that the follow-up email is definitely not a copy of the first message.

The biggest mistake is not learning from your mistakes.

You will be able to engage in the conversation with the potential customer by bringing in value. Here, you will have to bring him new information.

Email tracking tools can guide you in your strategy. They let you know if your email has been read, clicked, etc. You can use a CRM or Mailtrack extension for Gmail for this.

The key is adaptation. Also you will need to know when to stop.

There are no set rules in this regard. I want to emphasize that sending spam is illegal as well as intolerable. If you don’t take the sauce, that’s too bad. Go ahead, thank your potential customer and leave them alone.

Does this method really work?

This method is formidable when it comes to email prospecting. Most of the time, you will reap a charitable response from the potential client. They will agree to hear your suggestion provided your email is of good quality.

This article highlights the boundary method, but it is not the only method that exists. So I would ask you to use it in moderation. It will undoubtedly allow you to give a boost to your business needs at this moment.

Going further, download my guide to the sniper method here.

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