▷ How to create a capture page for free?

In the success of any business, knowing how to create a good landing page is the first step to selling successfully on the Internet. It will play the role of the front page on your site, the page that will have the role of launching the sales funnel process. Therefore it is very important and should not be overlooked. This is unfortunately the mistake that beginners on the Internet often make. But you won’t! Because here, you will see for free and exclusively how to create a capture page now…

1 | Understand the sole role of the capture page

It is very simple. The capture page only has one role. Its job is to collect as many email addresses as possible to add to your email marketing prospecting list. This will create an audience for you with potential customers who have entered their email addresses themselves. It is an Inbound Marketing strategy. This is the best possible marketing strategy, because the potential customer is the one who directly agrees to receive. On the other hand, in intrusive marketing, it is the ads that appear on YouTube or on TV, which are not very pleasant and not often requested, that tend to annoy people. Here’s the opposite.

2 | Understand what your regular customer is looking for

To create an effective capture page, it is important to know your customer’s wants and needs. This will allow you to click on the important points that the customer is looking for. It is necessary to take an hour to put yourself in the shoes of your regular customer to know several things:

  • What are his needs?
  • his desires
  • doubts;
  • What to look for with your product.

Knowing these different points will allow you to create a capture page that will grab the reader’s attention very quickly and over the course of the entire reading period.

3 | be honest

When you want to create a capture page, the most common mistake when creating it is to create a page with a lot of text. This will distract the reader’s attention almost immediately. Know that this is the worst thing you can do…The point of the capture page is to be simple and attractive. It is preferable to have a page with very little text (300 words max). This will really allow you not to leave all visitors who do not like to read and who may be afraid of a page with too much text. This represents 67.3% of Internet visitors. A very long capture page means that more than half of its potential audience is lost. Keep that in mind.

4 | You have a catchy title

1 sec. This is your goal to achieve: grab the reader’s attention from the first second of reading your page. This is why your capture page title should be very searchable and effective. It is the focal point of the page when you engage your readers. The same goes for the subtitle. The role of the latter is to break down potential objections by simply reading the title or presenting readers with cryptic evidence. This will help instill a sense of curiosity in the reader who will therefore seek to discover more. So the title and subtitle are very important to know how to create the capture page.

5 | Put the correct number of chips promise

What makes capture pages stand out is the implementation of promise points to show your readers what awaits them in the product you’re promoting on the page. Another common mistake is wanting to make too much of a promise. This is bad, because we generally put the bullets in promises that are not very interesting or that do not directly interest the reader. Don’t try to fill up. We saw it was useless. It is advisable to put a maximum of 4 to 5 points for promises on the sales page. Highlight the main qualities of your product and the benefit it offers to potential buyers. Beyond that, your readers will get lost in your points and you will lose their attention.

6 | Add a rarity to your product

Your capture page should prove to the reader that what they see is rare. For this, you can support the fact that your product is new or revolutionary. But the most common method that works every time is to use a timer. The reader, upon seeing it, will have a feeling of nervousness which will push him more easily to fill in his speech. Humans are primarily attracted to what is rare. Take advantage of this weakness to turn it in your favour.

7 | Request a call to work

Yes, your capture page should have a room with the role of making a call to action. This is the part where interested readers fill in their email address and click a button to validate the action. The Call To Action area or CTA is at the end of the capture page. This is the last part of your capture page.


To create a good capture page, the latter should specialize in some type of target customer and have the sole role of collecting email addresses. It should mention the various points of interest to the reader. This way, it will be able to grab the reader’s attention from the first second thanks to a title and subtitle that interest the reader. It should also be short and not more than 300 words so as not to lose a large part of the audience who does not like to read. Then it needs enough promise points based on what the reader is looking to get with your product. 5 chips max! Also add rarity to your product with promotions or a timer. Finally, your sales page should have a CTA container to grab the reader’s email address and put it in your lead list.

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